Monday, November 29, 2010

Giveaway and a Wonderful Swap

Gee Where did November go to??
If you have not signed up for my giveaway the deadline is tomorrow
For your chance to Win 12 handmade ornaments or for your chance to win a
2nd or 3rd place prize, it does not look like I am going to reach 100 entries to offer the
4th place prize

I had hoped to finish a new ornament I have been working on and have just been too
busy today to get it done so I am sharing with you
Ornament #11
One of my wool felted sheep *A crows roost design with my twist*
Ornament #12
*please ignore the blotch on her face she is still wet*
from being dusted with mica flakes

I did a swap with Carol of FIRECRACKERKID PRIMITIVES
And this is  what I got

A Wonderful Shelf Thank you Carol, I love it!!
I have to prepare dinner now and then back to work for me
Have a Great Evening


  1. OMG That Shelf Is AMAZING!! Carol you are so talented! Lucky Girl to get that in a swap! I will do a swap with Carol anyday! Lol!! I can not wait to see who wins your swap Brenda it is just the most amazing swap EVER! I have all my fingers crossed and otes and and legs and anything else I can and pray pray pray lol! Anyway, enjoy your dinner! =)

  2. Wonderful ornanments! I am pretty sure I am signed up!

  3. Woo-hoo, ornies #11 & 12! Wonderful as always Carol, you are absolutely amazing and this has been the BEST swap ever! Off to my blog to post a link back to you, thank you so much for your incredible generosity! Deb

  4. The ornies are primful. I must tell you that I am signed up and ready to win!!!!!!!!! LOL. Brenda, your talent is amazing. What a great swap form Carol. I love all her stuff too....

  5. I am so excited to be included in once again one of your wonderful giveaways. I swear each item you make is cuter then the one before.
    Happy Holidays.

  6. wow Brenda...great shelf! Carol (and her husband)make amazing stuff. Love the last two ornies!!patti ;)

  7. Love the roving you used, really nice ornie.
    That is a wonderful shelf that she made.


  8. Thanks Brenda and thanks gals. I need to post pics of the beauties I received from Brenda. As you all know, they are outstanding:)
    Brenda, you better get some rest:)

  9. Really nice shelf..Good luck to all in the drawing..

  10. This is a great giveaway. I'd be thrilled to win anything. Thank you!


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