Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Fiday Sale Starts today

Why Wait that is right I just activated my Black Friday SALE on my Etsy shop and it will run until the 30th of November....I will add some items this evening and hopefully tomorrow as well simply *****CLICK HERE***** to view my shop
When you check out on ETSY simply type THANKSGIVINGSALE in the code to get your discount

The sale is for 15% off. I will combine shipping and will refund you anything that is over $1.00 in shipping
I am still getting the last of my orders done and should have all shipped but one tomorrow!! And I have GOOD NEWS

I am going to Meet someone on Friday after Thanksgiving
My oldest son will be flying in for Thanksgiving at his Dad's and only staying a couple of days so I actually get to see him for a couple of hours on Friday on his way to the airport to fly back home. I have not seen him in almost 5 years, but good news he will be returning over Christmas and I will get to spend some time with him
And my daughter and Grandson will be with him or he will be with them!! I have not seen these two in over two years!!!
And on Saturday my youngest will be at our Thanksgiving Celebration
I am so happy my camera will be flashing away because I have no recent pictures of them. And on to another note GEE I love nice weather NO cold for me but I think I would welcome it with open arms. We are still blessed to have beautiful fall leaves hanging on our tress in Oklahoma the weather has been Spring like here
I have horrible Allergies or A Bad Sinus Infection
BLAH!!! When I sneeze or cough I feel like my head is going to explode!!
We are actually worried it may be an allergic reaction to my puppy

How can this do That LOL
I have always had pet allergies but she has not bothered me until now???
So I will be buying some Claritin and hoping this will help
WISHING you all A Very Happy Family Filled Thanksgiving


  1. How wonderful to see your children, Brenda!! That's fabulous...have a great time with all of them! I hope you aren't allergic to you sweet puppy dog! Feel better and have a Blessed Thanksgiving. Heading over to your shoppe to take a peak.
    patti ;)

  2. Oh, my, I sure hope you aren't allergic to Shelby! Claritin-please do the trick!
    Congrats on having your kids around you, even if it is for such a short time. I am envious of that. I have a son and grandson that I haven't seen in over 5 years. *sigh*
    On my way to check out the sale.

  3. I am so happy for you.. Gosh, how can you stand it?? Know it must be so hard. Enjoy yourself and have a great one.. Good luck with the claritin..

  4. Oh Brenda Sweetie...
    How exciting for you. I am so thrilled that after all these years you are all going to be reunited and get to spend some holiday time together.

    Now let me tell you about Schnauzers, they can cause allergies, because they do have a dander. Now they sell shampoo that you can bathe Shelby in that will help with keeping the scratching down so she doesn't push out all the dander. Check with your vet and see if they can help you out in that department. I use oatmeal shampoo and conditioner for my Boston Terrier as he too, has a dander and with my chronic asthma it was giving me some problems.

    Keep me posted on your visits sweet friend. I will be watching for many photos. Can't wait for my box to come. You and yours have a beautiful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for your beautiful friendship my friend. It has been a true blessing, and I can't wait until next year when I come home. We will meet. Counting time.

    Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  5. Good evening, Brenda,
    I just read the good news about your family coming to spend some time with you. I am just so happy to hear this. I'll be anxious to see the pics to take when they visit!

    Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving. ~Natalie

  6. Brenda it is fantastic that you are getting to visit with your children! Sure hope Shelby isn't the cause of your problems !!! I just love her sweet little face. Happy Thanksgiving !Hugs,Jen

  7. Wow, it's gonna be a family reunion Bren:) Can't wait to see your pics.
    I would get a second opinion on that diagnosis. Maybe you have a sinus infection. Feel better quick, before the weekend:)
    Good luck with your sale! Enjoy your wonderful Thanksgiving with family:)

  8. Brenda, I am so glad that you get to see your children for Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, Valerie

  9. OMG Brenda...your dog just cracks me up every time i look at her! she just looks so serious!

    im getting excited that the giveaway is near...wooo hoooo! im all entered and qualified for each type of entry available....and yes, i must confess...i am addicted to your ornies lol...so i am headed over to etsy to browse your black friday sale!

    glad that you are getting to see the family for thanksgiving! that is just enough for me in itself. enjoy your time together!

    Aunt Mannys Creations


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