Friday, September 10, 2010

I am SO BLESSED with such WONDERFUL customers I just have to share

Ok so SOB sob sob I am in tears here LOL
As most know I do a Special Online Sale once a Month and first off I am not Bragging
But I am so fortunate to have found so many Outstanding Customers
*or for them to have found me*
I just went to Lynn's blog Painting Thyme Needfuls and her post about her purchases
just made me Sob like a baby not SAD tears but Happy Tears to know that someone can enjoy something I have created that much.
In this line of Business and every business, even in personal life
To know that you have Satisfied someone and done the Right thing or done
something to make them Happy is so IMPORTANT *to me it is anyway*
THANK you LYNN for The Wonderful Post BIG hugs
Click *****HERE***** if you would like to read it.

So now and please read on because I am going to post about others as well.
I would like to take this opportunity to post about Lynn's Talent, let me just say this if I had the money I would certainly be buying lots of her items!! THIS woman has an amazing talent with a paint brush and by golly she is great at designing things too.
She recently started her own pattern line and she has a blog to offer them
Click *****HERE***** to go to her PaintingThymePatterns Blog
Thank you again Lynn for putting a smile on my face this morning!!!!

NOW Lynn is one of several and I won't go on and on but I will share a couple more with you, not only are these people my customers but they have become dear friends!
LINDA you are Next

Let me just say this if you have a Blog and Linda Parker follows you, you can bet
she will take the time to post a comment, and she always leaves the sweetest comments. Linda is a Special sweet and Kind lady
to read Parker's Paradise click *****HERE*****
Thank you Linda for being a SPECIAL Customer I LOVE ya!!

OH MY goodness see all those on that shelf even the little kitty at the bottom
This picture was sent to me by MAGGEY who Is a regular customer of mine
BIG BIG hugs Maggey I love you too!!!!!
and let me just clear something up I do not love these gals because
they spend money I really truely consider them ALL as Wonderful Friends
To read The Quilting Couple *Maggey's blog* click *****HERE*****

And Natalie of TINSandTreasures
You say the Sweetest things you really know how to lift a person's spirits up
to read Natalie's blog simply click *****HERE*****

*Oh my word I won't keep going on there are so many I could post about*
I may just have to sit back and start doing this once in awhile
For those that I did not mention *you know who you are* Jayne, Patti, Carol, Libbey, Natalie Powelko, Vickey oh my word!!!! And the names could go on I love you customers each and every single one of you!!!!!!!!!!! 
and thank you to all because you have just helped the list continue to grow
 You are ALL so SPECIAL so sweet and kind to always send me the greatest emails and pictures when you make purchases from me. I really need to update my feedback blog I have slacked on that lately........but I am busy sewing to get ready for my next special sale!!!
I will add pictures and feedback to it this week, I just added it to my To Do list LOL!! 
BIG HUGS LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG HUGS
Remember to count your many Blessings today


  1. Brenda,

    What a nice thank you to customers that have become your friend. It's nice to take time to sit back and reflect on the many relationships that we made via the has made the large world so much smaller. Have a nice day.


  2. What a sweet post to your wonderful customers and friends! We are all truly blessed beyond measure :0)

  3. Oh ya have me sniffling too....all over the pattern I'm drawing...!! Thanks so much! You are truly a special friend! I have been blessed to find you out there in blogland.. even though there are so, so many miles that separate us as friends...I hold you close in my HEART each day.....I truly hope some day our paths shall cross and we will be lucky enough to meet in person.....Oh..the ((((HUGS)))) I'd give you girlfriend! But until then.....this will have to do!

  4. Thanks for sharing about your friends...had to go take a look at their blog sites to!
    Keep up the wonderful work-it is amazing!

  5. Brenda,
    I love everything I have gotten from you. Your work is impeccable, to the finest detail. You are so generous and talented. I, too, feel that we are becoming great friends. I look forward to a long and happy relationship.
    Glad things are going well on your end. Hope it continues to snowball. You have so much to share. We are all made richer by your work. I love tears of joy, don't you?

  6. Thank you ladies all SO much...oh LYNN.........I would love to meet you, I tresure our friendship and the others I have made so much!!

    Big hugs to everyone of you big hugs

  7. Brenda you are just too sweet, IN A GOOD WAY!!!!!

  8. Thank you Karen I was just sitting here this morning feeling so Gracious for everything I have been blessed with. And thankful that I can do what I love to do most in life and pleasing others in doing it!!

  9. Oh thanks to you, I love your work and just wanted to display it so everyone could see. I love your blog and seeing what you are doing and making.. I am priviliged to be called your friend..

  10. A nice way for you to say "Thank You" to your customers and an OFG sister :) I visited Lynn's blog and left her a comment, too. The scarecrow she bought was awesome! ~Laura Sweet

  11. Ahhh thank you Maggey so much and Laura too


  12. Brenda, what a wonderful way to thank you customers and friends! I know Lynns work but not the others, so I will have to go visit their blog tonight. Thank you for sharing info about them. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a wonderful comment, it is greatly appreciated! Many Blessings,Jody

  13. Brenda, what a wonderful way to thank you customers and friends! I know Lynns work but not the others, so I will have to go visit their blog tonight. Thank you for sharing info about them. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a wonderful comment, it is greatly appreciated! Many Blessings,Jody

  14. Very nice tribute to your friends and customers! I think you are quite a special person Brenda!

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  17. Thanks so much Brenda!! I just love all of your items! I am sorry I haven't posted about them yet as I was super busy last week as I got married but I will be putting out my fall items soon! :D


  18. CONGRATS Natalie, oh wow can't wait to see pictures on your blog BIG HUGS

  19. aww, so sweet Brenda...I can't wait for your next sale!!

  20. Good Morning, Brenda,
    I'm sorry I missed this when you first posted it. I had so much school work that I had not visited any blog since Wednesday!

    You are just the sweetest. I agree with would awesome to meet some of our BBFs (best blog friends) in person some day. Now I consider you, (and Nancy in Iowa) a possibility because of where we all live!

    I enjoyed visiting the blogs of your other special customer friends...thanks for sharing their links.

    Have a restful Sunday ~Natalie


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