Friday, September 24, 2010

I am her Protector isn't is suppose to be the other way around

Oh my Gosh I just have to share this story this morning LOL
Shelby is a Chicken LOL But I Love her none the less!!
Everyday when I take her outside I set on my steps if she hears or sees another dog
doesn't matter the size!! She barks like she is going to tear them up but she gets behind me to do it, note not just behind me she stands up behind me with her paws on my back, oh she is TOUGH as long as I am between her and what ever she thinks she can take on But oh now the best is yet to come!!

SHE is afraid of my creations I have a small dining table in my living room and it normally houses all of my finished items until they sell
Well they are now relocated not only moved but covered up OMG
She would go over to the table and stop back up and growl at them
I think I need to blame my hubby a few nights ago when she and I had gone to bed
He comes to the door with one of them and sticks it around the corner making a growling noise and she was so frightened she tore me up trying to get away from it!
So now Shelby is scared of what I make !!! How Funny
I would like to think this will pass when I stop making Halloween creations but she is even afraid of the snowmen, and yep Hubby is enjoying it way too much LOL
so now with so many items made I am faced with the challenge of where to store them at? Yep I am her protector isn't it suppose to be the other way around??

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  1. Brenda,

    LOL! What a cutie she is! Too funny and my kids would probably be just like your hubby with teasing....that's one of the reasons we don't have a dog. I would say to give her one of your creations to "attack" but she might carry it further and get them all.

    Thanks for sharing and make sure you keep Shelby safe!


  2. Good Morning, Brenda,
    That is just the cutest story. My cats have been known to carry some of my creations to other parts of the house...I can't leave anything out!

    Have a Fabulous Friday. ~Natalie

    p.s. I hope it was Ok that I linked your blog to mine today.

  3. LOL! Why don't you send your creations here.....I'll store them!!!!!! Problem solved! Shelby is so darn cute!

  4. She is adorable! I bet she is so cute growling at your creations!
    So So funny, love the story and I can so relate how the Hubby( like mine) love to instigate!
    Thanks for the story & a laugh!
    Hope you find more room!!

  5. I've always said, "our Schnauzer thinks he's a Pitbull"! Loved your story! Kim

  6. LOL Ladies thank you for the comments. Thank you for linking my blog on yours Natalie, and Funny Lynn.......I think I would have a hard time getting you to ship them to the folks that buy them something tells me you would want to keep them Hugs

  7. How adorable Brenda...and I got a mental picture of it
    Thanks for the giggles on this horribly gloomy, rainy, windy day here in Wisconsin.

  8. Too Funny!
    I've had the same problem, till the kids figured out they could not go in their sisters room. Maggie would not let them, she'd stand over my daughter and growl.
    I warned them, they did not listen!
    It is funny though!

  9. It is funny how dogs bark at the strangest things.
    Mine barks at airplanes and thunder, so it is not fun when we have a storm.


  10. How funny Brenda...I have a "scardy cat"-dog with a big mouth too...She also always barks when the doorbell husband says..."who needs a doorbell"...hehe

  11. What a cute story. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  12. oh he has scarred her for life..I used to chase my dogs when i was 21 and in beauty school with my mannequin head around the house..:) have a great weekend..

  13. Oh my word, you'll have to put them behind doors. Shame on that hubby of yours. LOL. You may as well video her doing it and put it on you tube... everybody else is. LOL
    Hope you're feelin' better gal:)

  14. That is so funny.....Shelby is adorable and shouldn't be afraid of anything! Right, Mom? :)

  15. She is so adorable and quite the little chicken! My chihuahua was always afraid of the vacuum and I teased him incessantly with it as your hubby does Shelby!

  16. Haha that story is hilarious. Reminds me of my miniture doberman. She thinks she is a "killer" (:



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