Monday, September 20, 2010

Have you ever

Felt like you were running down the road seeing the back side of yourself in
front of you? Well LOL.......That may be scary to think of for some I know it would for me!! Isn't it amazing how the days go by so fast at this time of the year. With the days getting shorter.....well not in the matter of hours just in the fact that daylight is shorter.
Sharing an image I got off of google
I remember as a child time change always confused me? How strange there are still the same amount of hours in a day just a difference in the amount of daylight??
Can you believe
That it is only 41 days until Halloween

Oh my Gosh it is only 96 days until Christmas

I think my reason for feeling like I am chasing myself right now
is that I am working on two seasons LOL........I do believe this is the first year that
I have had trouble completely laying down fall designs and going crazy for Winter!!
Christmas is my favorite time of the year for creating!! NOT FOR COLD weather
Maybe it is my age, maybe it is my body telling me to get outside and go for a run
LOL.........I seem to go to bed with creations in my head that I want to make only to wake up to running after this FANNY that is in front of me
*OH wait aren't those the PJ'S I put on last night ROFLOL*
About the time I catch up to this image and feel like I am going to be just fine that
I have a great pace going, I get behind again and have to chase my rear!!

Anyone else have this issue this time of the year??
Have a Great Day Bloggers.....I am working on my next sale *Stay Tuned*


  1. I know exactly how you are feeling Brenda!!!

  2. Brenda - Yes I know what you mean! When you add a local show in the mix it gets even crazier!

  3. LoL.. Brenda I always seem to feel like that.Never enough time for all the ideas spinning in my head plus need to do all the regular daily task.Some days though it's good to schedule a stay in your P.J.'s day and enjoy some reading or movies to clear out some brain clutter.Don't worry it'll all still be there tomorrow.Prim hugs!~Amy

  4. story of my life, Brenda! Have a great week! patti

  5. I usually limit my halloween, since christmas comes so fast, but have been enjoying creating more halloween this year. I know we should be creating all year for these holidays, it is the only way to make enough;)


  6. I truly know how you feel! You don't want to see my calendar!

  7. I'll just sit down and wait till I get a round here again...Okay?
    Anyone have any cookies?

  8. Just when I think I am caught all falls apart again. I have decided that my life's only mode now is to play catch up. It should be a fun game but it really is not. So I can relate!!

  9. Oh how funny thank you for commenting I have enjoyed them so much. Tisha has it girls just sit and wait for yourself to come around so you can catch up before she runs off again......LOL



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