Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Signup for my Giveaway and Gee someone turn the Heater off

Oh my word......the heat is just beyond HOT!!!
My son got sick from it yesterday while working he was welding inside a railroad car and he felt horrible from it. My hubby was on a job yesterday and an ambulance came wheeling into the location due to an employee being affected by the Heat!!
I am a summer gal friends.......I do not like winter time at all!!! But gee this years
Heat has been unbearable to say the least!!
Be sure and SIGN UP for my giveaway I will draw a winner out on August the 15th
I have also added a Large round *and I mean the kind that will fit in the center of a round table*  hand crocheted doilie to this grouping
as I continue to find items in the process of unpacking boxes I will try to add more
to sign up simply click
and comment on that post only
I am sewing and getting ready for my special online sorry it has taken me so long, but it will be worth the wait!! I have counter tops and tables covered with items in the finishing stages It looks like fall around here with a touch of winter mixed in LOL
Until next time I hope you are all staying cool!!


  1. G'eve Brenda ~ I'd love to enter your lovely giveaway, I follow.

    Yes, this heat is horrible, recording setting here.

    Have a beautiful sumer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. It is so warm in Missouri too! I love your things. Please enter me in your giveaway!

  3. Our weather here has been cool....rain this week!!! Not wishing for the heat you have been experiencing but pool weather would be nice!!! I love your blog.

    Kim Dilney

  4. It's been pretty warm here, too. It's the humidity that's tough to deal with. I'm pretty new to your great blog. Inspiring!

    Stay cool
    Jeanette Cott

  5. Oh be careful Brenda. I have heard on the news of deaths due to the heat. Take csre luv!


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