Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sharing my great winnings

My week is looking up? I think LOL........I have searched and searched for all those great finds I see so many blog about, yes I need furniture and I have had no luck in finding what I am needing......
BUT I got an email the other day and look
I won this precious little bottle cap necklace from Aunt Dee Dee's Design's
Thank you ever so much DeeDee so I do believe there is hope out there that I will find the items I am needing Patience will pay off!!
Please pay DeeDee a visit HERE

And then yesterday I was not online, yes I am trying to sew amongst this mess of trying to move as well.....I have items covering everything I can find to put them on LOL
Any way I got online last night and had an email from  Genevieve over at
Olde Pear Primitives and I won her giveaway

Check out the sweet Raven

I love this pinkeep

A tealight all primmed up, a pumpkin, and some awesome tarts. As well as a surprise. So I will share all my new goodies when they arrive. I am just so happy
Go check out Geneieve's Blog HERE
For an almost empty house it will be so great to have some items in time to decorate for fall..........who knows by then maybe I can find the items I am looking for.
Hope you all have a great Weekend.


  1. oh you got some wonderful winnings there...just in time for fall and decorating your new home...I hope to meet you sometime when you come to visit.;)have a great weekend..and I hope your weather is much nicer today:>)

  2. I saw that you won Gen's give away and no one could use it more!
    You have some new goodies for decorating your new home! Have a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Thank you Gina and Karen...I am so thrilled to have some new things!!
    It is still so hot here suppose to be in the 100's all this next week!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
    By the way me too Gina if I ever get to fly out that way I will for sure look you up.

  4. Those are really wonderful prizes and they will be nice to decorate with this fall, congratulations.


  5. So happy for you Brenda! You won some wonderful treasures. Hence the saying "good things happen to good people!" ~.~

  6. Thank you Debbie and Michele. How sweet..okay so I should not of sit down for the afternoon I do not want to get up and do anything.

  7. Oh, my golly! What fabulous gifts you have received. Very talented creators.

    Have a lovely PINK summer weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. Oh what cool giveaways to have won. You lucky girl. Do you have a flea market closeby? Sometimes you can pick up some furniture pieces there for dirt cheap.


  9. Thank you Marydon and Dee. No dee there is a small one but I can't find anything cheap......gosh the price they have on used furniture and the shape it is in just in unreal. I know I can fix it up paint it etc. but these are BAD and HIGH dollar???

  10. Oh my goodness you have won some awesome goodies LUCKY you!!! Congrats on your new move. I can't wait to see your new home when you get it all decorated. I finally got me nerve up to start a new blog so when you have some spare time come by for a visit.


  11. Hey, it's a sign alright! You made out good gal:) and when you least expected it. Hugs~Carol


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