Friday, July 30, 2010

A New Giveaway and Wonderful ltems won in a giveaway

Hello.......I will make it sweet and short
*Yes I am still MOVING* oh will this ever end LOL
So during unpacking some of my boxes I have had packed for 3 years now. I found a couple of items I want to offer in a giveaway
And to think I have this HUGE box on the storage building loft that I can not budge and it is full of items from my store? So in a smaller box
I did manage to find 2 vintage table scarfs
One being hand crocheted It is a rectangle shape with
ecru thread on both ends and a pink in the center.
The other is an oldie on linen hand embroidered it needs to be cleaned it has the normal aging spots but nothing a little vinegar won't cure LOL
I am also offering in this giveaway 2 Mill Spools and a Scrabble board with letters spelling Primitive
Along with these items I am giving away a Pumpkin, a Cat, and a small stocking ornie
All hand made by me. Yes one winner will get all of the above items. I will draw a winners name on August the 15th so sign up now by following these simple rules. Each one counts for one entry so please let me know how many you are in for.
Also if you do not have a blog please be sure and leave your email address so I can contact you should you win.

1. Comment on this post.

2. Follow my Blog

3. Sign up for my newsletter: email me and put newsletter in the subject line

4. Tell me you favorite decorating color, or share a link to your pictures of your decorating schemes *can be pictures of your home on your blog* I am needing all the help and ideas I can get LOL

That is it just plain and simple you can do one or all 4, you do not have to have a blog to sign up for my giveaway

Now I would like to share a Giveaway I won

I recently entered a giveaway On Linda's Blog
Parker's Paradise
I received my package yesterday and these are all the wonderful items I got WOW
Thank you ever so much Linda
to Read Linda's blog simply click HERE

Wishing you all a Great day Gee I can not believe it is almost August??


  1. I signed up for the newsletter!

  2. LOVE your giveaway! I am a follower and on your email list! My favorite colors for decorating are all earth tones - anitque whites, beiges, greens and browns and I brighten them up with seasonal colors and decorations. Good luck on your move!

  3. Hi, Brenda! So glad you like everything! I was always going to try to make one of those bags. But I knew I would find someone who could make use of it. Do you ever do that? Buy things with good intentions and never fulfill them? I gotta stick to what I am good at......
    I am a follower.
    I get the newsletter.
    I am posting on my sidebar.
    I am in love with rich, bold colors.
    My kitchen is FIREFOX red which to me is a deep cranberry color. I use mustardy yellow and black as accents. The room that connects mwith it is the great room--dining and living areas. It is called Earth which is a tan/gold color. I use all my other colors in there-maroon, navy, black, olive, brown. And for me these colors work for all seasons. I can change decor with my accents and display pieces. All my bedrooms have wallpaper that I chose over 20 years ago. ICK! I want to paint but Mike says--too much work to move all the stuff. He was working when we had the others painted--we paid someone to do it. Our bathrooms were both painted. The master in the same FIREFOX and the guest in a COLONIAL blue. Hope this is helpful to you.
    See you in the funny papers! LOL
    ★ Linda ★
    BTW~ toss my name in for the giveaway! I still get a chance, right?

  4. Hi Brenda...I'm in for 4 chances:
    I'm a follower
    I subscribe to your newsletter
    I love to decorate with black accents
    I will post on my sidebar
    Thanks! Patti :0

  5. Thank you all for entering and yes Linda you are in also. Thanks for the colors everyone keep them coming. I just found out yesterday when talking to the man who comes out to make any minor repairs that are needed that all of my walls are sheet rock *now this is not normal for a mobile home* they just put the veneer stick stuff over them to make the walls washable URGH LOL but that lets me know that in a couple of years maybe hubby won't growl when I say I am painting LOL!!! cabinets are not real wood but they are mdf board YEAH yet again I can paint them!! how did I find this out well they had to relocate our thermostat and there fore a piece of sheetrock needs to be replaced by them OH YEAH!!!!
    I want all the decorating ideas I can get thanks to Carol and her hubby of Firecracker Kid I have decided to find an old piece of furniture to redo for our TV??


  6. Sign me up! i'm a follower and subscriber to your newsletter. My home is a mixture of shades of red, yellow, and blue ( French-like ). These colors are BRIGHT in the kitchen, more subdued in the living room for a relaxing feel though I punch it up with small splashes of color in pillows and artwork and flowers.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Hey there Brenda, I am follower and get your newsletter. my favorite decorating color is red and you can see photos of my home on my blog.:)love this giveaway..;) love fall.;)
    have a great weekend..wish I could be there to help you decorate your home.;)I love decorating;)

  8. Hi Brenda,Please enter me in your give away.I am a follower and I think I already get your newsletter in my email (I think).Black is what I love to put in my prim decorating.. If it stands still long enough it ends up black.Enjoy your new home.I'm sure it is beautiful,Brenda Cottle

  9. Hi Brenda
    Please enter me in your great giveaway..I already follow and get your decorating colours are black, browns and prim and calming and homey..that 4 for me..I think!!!..will post this on my sidebar too..:0)

  10. Oh what nice items you won from Linda. You'll find space for those prim pretties yes:)
    Enter me for (4) chances to win your prim pretties please.
    Happy Homemaking!

  11. Hi, just discovered your blog...please enter me in your giveaway! I am a new follower too so I guess that counts for two entries (?).

  12. What wonderful gifts to give away.. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.. I am a follower.

  13. Hi Brenda, Susie from Yankee Lane Primitives sent me and I love your blog!!! Good luck with the move and I'll sure take your pretties off your hands for you!!

    Come visit my blog too. I need to update it so maybe this will get me in gear!!


  14. I'm a follower and I sent Joleen to ya. I'd send you pics of my home, but I bet it looks much like yours... boxes boxes boxes. But I could sent pictures for an extra entry.

  15. Hi Brenda, This is an awesome giveaway..Everything is primtastic!!! I am a follower and I do get your newsletter. My favorite colors to decorate with are tan, green and blue and mustard, they all seem to blend together nicely for me... And depending on the shades they can look great with all the seasons colors...Thank you for being so generous..Maureen

  16. Hi Brenda...please enter me in your your stuff! I have been a follower for some time now!

  17. Please enter me in your awesome giveaway. I am a follower and I do receive your newsletter. Thanks, Valerie

  18. Yep I'm a follower and hope to win my very first giveaway!

  19. Hey Brenda, what a lovely give away. Yippee! I qualify for four chances. I am a follower, this is my comment and my favorite color to decorate with.......hmmm........weird but I like black. I don't have alot of pics of my house but soon that is a goal. I'm signed up for your newsleter already. Found this give away via email. Can't wait to see who the lucky winner is. Thanks, Cathy

  20. Hi Brenda, Please sign me up for your giveaway. You have such lovely items. I hope to one day be as talent as you. I am a follower, Have signed up for your newsletter, and my fav. color to decorate with is red and black in my dining room, Cream color on the top part of my livingroom with copper color on the lower half, I just love it. I will take some pics when I get back home for your to see. I am in Upstate NY getting things ready for my daughters wedding and seeing my grandbabies. Hope you have a great weekend and god luck on moving. Debbie Smile it never

  21. Please enter me into your give away 4 times and what a wonderful give away it is. I have signed up for your newletter am a follower and like to decorate with black accents. I will post on my sidebar.

  22. I'm a follower. Please count me in!


  23. What a great giveaway..
    I'm a follower
    signed up for your newsletter...
    My favorite colors are mustand and tan with black accents...I just love the fall to decorate....

    I will post the giveaway on my sidebar

    Prim hugs

  24. Hi Brenda,
    Glad to read you are getting settled into your new home. I know how aggrivating it is to move and have lots of boxes to unpack and figure out what to do with all the stuff we tend to accumulate thru the

    Please enter me in your August giveaway. I am a follower, I receive your newsletters,and I love the prim decor at Karen's blog I see you entered her giveaway, but in an earlier post she showed pics of her keeping room. I would love to have a place like that. Maybe someday....I also love Andys Primitive Farmhouse, she is doing a wonderful job of changing her decor to prim.
    I only have white walls, cause the house is not mine, but if I could change things, I like colonial/earthy colors in greens, blues and mustard.
    I have 4 chances, and will put your giveaway on my blog sidebar.

    Prim Blessings,

  25. Hi Brenda
    I would love for you to please enter me in your give away.It is such a AWESOME!!! giveaway. I live in Mayberry NC(Mt. Airy, Andy Griffith's hometown)I am a follower and I have signed up to receive your newsletter in my email . Black, barn red and tan is what I love to use in my prim decorating... I hope I have 4 entries. I know you will enjoy your new home. I'm sure it is really beautiful.
    Sonya Smith

  26. Hi Brenda,
    Hope you enjoy your new home now that you're getting settled in.
    Please enter me in your August giveaway, it is so AWESOME!!!. first of all I live in Mayberry (Mt. Airy, NC Andy Griffith's hometown). I am a follower, I am now receiving your newsletters. My favorite home decor colors are Black, barn red, and tan. I like some greens. I have 4 chances.


  27. Hi, I am a follower and you have a really great give away!! My fav decorating colors are black as well as tan and red. I'm posting your give away on my blog as well :) Please enter me in your give away, thanks so much,

  28. Oh, Brenda you are going to have so much fun decorating! I love red/tan to decorate with. My niece has a mobile home and she did some walls with firefox and others with
    muted gold, it turned out great! She painted the wall between her counter tops and cabinets with the firefox and it made the wood of the cabinets just pop! I will e-mail you a pic....Please enter me,
    I get your newsletter, I follow and I will post on my blog.
    Happy decorating!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  29. I'd "follow" you anywhere! LOL
    I like my dining room colors that are mostly burgandy with accents of mustard and black. I think someone else had the same thing going on.
    When will this heat end???

  30. Very sweet items for the giveaway! Nice visit to your blog!

  31. hey Brenda i almost forgot to but im here now im a follower and i do believe i get your newsletter,i was luvin the color blue to decorate with,then changed some to im lovin the mustard color ever since angie berry had her giveaway with the mustard colored shelf.but i honestly just mix it all love your giveaway so im in sweetie.thanks and hope your having fun decorating your new pics.blessings michelle

  32. oh almost forgot your on my sidebar bar now too.blessings michelle

  33. forgot to mention that I have a giveaway ending in 2 days if anyone wants to sign up...

  34. Please sign me up for your give away!!!
    I am a follower of your blog.
    I recieve your news letter!

  35. What a wonderful and generous giveaway, please enter me, I am a follower. Love your work.

  36. Iam a new follower. The giveaway is wonderful and I would love to be entered.

  37. Good luck with the move! When we moved to our current home I chose a golden tan color in 2 shades for our walls. I love it and most colors go with it. It is very rich looking I think...

  38. Love your site. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  39. Hi Brenda,
    I am a new follower and blogger!
    Good luck on your move. You can find me at:
    Enjoy your day! Barb

  40. Oh sign me up! I am a follower, I get your newsletter, and I am off to post this on my blog.

    I love decorating in warm prim colors. I think my favorite accent color is black for shelves, tables, etc... If it's old, rusty, and beat up I love it :)

  41. I am a follower and just love this quilt blogging! Great giveaway and hope to see something in my mail box soon!

  42. I would love to win your items. I am a follower, I already receive your newsletter, and I hope you find some good pic to help you decorate your new home. If you go to A PLACE FOR US PRIM GALS TO SHOW OFF THE PRIMITIVES IN OUR HOUSE on facebook they have great pics to look at.

  43. Lucky you getting all of the winnings! You, yourself, have a fantastic Giveaway! I'm now a follower!

  44. I love to use warm prim reds, greens, mustards.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. I've signed up for your newsletter! :)

  46. are your giveaways international? if yes, count me in please. thanks
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

    - I am blog follower
    - I like beige color and salmon colors.

  47. Please enter me in your awesome and generous giveaway. I am a follower and am signed up for your newsletter. Good luck with your move & my favorite color is blue.
    thanks ~

  48. Moving can be both fun & a chore ... good luck!
    TTFN ~ have a wonderful summer weekend ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  49. I am a follower.
    TTFN ~ have a wonderful summer weekend ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  50. Such a great give-away! I'm already a follower, but Count me in...I've posted it on my blog. Thanks!

  51. Hi Brenda!
    So happy to see you are back to doing what you love...and decorating your new home will be so much fun! Please enter me in your generous give-away..I'm following your blog, and love to decorate my own home in rich country colors, such as barn red, taupe, and accent with black items (looks like a lot of us trim up our homes with black!)

  52. Please include me in your giveaway


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