Saturday, May 21, 2016

Too Much time on my Hands

confession time, I would almost be thrilled to go back to my studio
looking like this right now!
But by the time I emptied boxes and storage bins, it was crowded in there

What do you do when you are stuck in a chair for longer periods of
time then you prefer to be...........browse for ideas for said studio

since my leg got infected they changed my antibiotic I can not get outside on this gorgeous sunny day
because they told me these meds would make me blister!! BLAH lol
And I have to take them for another 8 days *Sigh*

So with everything I have boxed up, I have been checking out
studio's on Pinterest (source for photo above)

Now in a dream world I would have a High ceiling
* but in reality I know that is impossible *
And look at that wall of windows, simply beautiful
See too much time on your hands and Pinterest
seems to make you want to do things that you will NOT be able to do

I have two small windows, one will house my air conditioner
I do have a door with window panes in it
I am going to uses mirrors to attempt to reflect what little
natural light I have in my building

See what I mean, this was before I boxed everything ALL of it,
 up and sold some items I did not use any longer, in a yard sale
(and by the way this is just one end of the building, yes there is more) 

It is dark in there, and all furniture items I have are dark
So plans are to paint everything white ! well not everything
I think I want to do some pops of cheerful colors in it

My floor is painted white 

I am thinking of splattering Paint on it :)
That way when I spill some it will not matter
Heck I may even splatter my windows, if I get brave enough to
But as small as they are that may not be a good idea for light to come in

My dream is to purchase a few items for storage

But I want to paint it if I make this purchase
and on Pinterest you will find several of these 
drawer containers, with ideas to paint, or cover with papers
I want to do one with map pieces of the lake we live at

So yes my room with still be eclectic I just can not settle on 
one particular style
Pinterest has made me have mixed feelings
First thing I have to get my knee healed up
and then I will tackle this project

Hope you are enjoying your weekend



  1. Hope you're knee heals quickly and you can get on to the fun stuff!

    1. thank you Kim, outer stitches out on Tuesday, I have to be careful with it for a couple of weeks, because of the inside stitches. But it will be over soon. Just thankful nothing is broken

  2. It is hard when we are done and cannot do what we want but planning the room is fun and will be nice when you have it just the way you want so you have a room you can enjoy and create in.


    1. Yes it is Debbie, I had so many plans. Just a temporary set back, I will be up and about quick

  3. Oh yes, Pinterest if great for day dreaming. I hope you heal quickly and have fun redecorating and organizing.

    1. thank you Christina, I am excited to get started on it.

  4. Oh my goodness - so many ideas, so little time, space & money - for me. My little studio only has one window, so i get it. =) Prayers for speedy healing!

    1. Thank you for the prayers. Yes it is hard to work in a dark room, I have so many lamps

  5. I am so sorry I hope all is well soon. I have a spare bedroom I use and I am always trying to figure out how to organize it but still it is the pile method.

    1. I can not wait to mend so I can get to work on it.
      Getting rid of as much as I did may help, but i am thinking I should of given up even more :)

  6. So sorry you are down and out!! My work room just never looks organized. Hope you are feeling better soon. I got put on that antibiotic several years ago and we were just getting ready to go on a cruise - YUCK!! But, I survived. LOL


    1. OH no and on a cruise. They upped the days I have to take them when I went in for the stitches to be removed yesterday, it is still infected.
      I am determined to figure out a routine to keep my building organized once I get it all set up

  7. I hope you mend quickly! It's hard to be a good patient. The previous post about your dr visit was so charming. I just loved it.


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