Friday, May 20, 2016

Every Drs office should have a child in it

Good Morning


Just have to share my visit to the Doctor's office yesterday

The Nurse practitioner was who I got to see 
She walks into my room with a Cute little girl following her

Asks me if it is ok, the child was her daughter

This little girl squats down and looks at my knee and says

"Oh that is a bad one"

Her mommy gathers everything to scrub my wound
and the Little girl puts on surgical gloves and grabs her 
a square of gauze, and says
"I will help you mommy"

At this point I was not nervous at all, instead I was so calm
And enjoying the child being there

Her mom washes my wound and there is wound cleanser 
going down my leg, the little girl paps it dry, ever so gently
I ask her how old she was and she replied
"I am three"
after cleaning the wound, the nurse was putting iodine on it, the little girl 
informs me, that is great stuff, I always get that on my boo boo's :)

her mom whispered ask her what she is going to be
so I did and naturally she tells me "OH I am going to be a Doctor"

When her mom informed me they were giving me a shot of
antibiotic, and I mean the one that hurts and burns :)
The little girl says I will help I will hold your hand
(yes I hate needles LOL)
But that shot, well the entire office visit went so smoothly for me

I walked in stressed and worried about my knee
but instead had a very pleasant visit

Every doctor's office should be able to take a child to work with them
because it was just so SWEET and very soothing for her to be there

In fact I asked her if she could be there when they remove my stitches LOL

A child is full of compassion and care
Many adults could learn so much simply by watching children
Heck many doctor's today could learn from them
seems so many do not have a compassionate side to them 

Hope you have a wonderful day today
the knee feels much better, the swelling is almost all gone now
But Tuesday can not get here soon enough, I am ready for this 
to be OVER with. I am tied of hobbling around
I will hobble and have to be careful for a couple more weeks
but that is so much better then the fear of messing up my knee



  1. Aww, what a sweet little girl!
    That is such a precious memory to hold onto. :)

  2. That is so cute, I can just imagine how sweet she was.
    Glad you were able to have it taken care of and hope you feel better soon.


    1. thank you Debbie, she was alot braver then I was :)

  3. That little girl is a sweetie with a good bedside manner.

    1. Yes she was Terra, it sure made my visit easier to the Doctor

  4. Hope you feel better soon. What a sweet experience.

  5. I hope all is well for you soon

  6. What a sweetie! So compassionate at such a young age! Get well soon. Debbie from Designs by Debbie and Dixie too!


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