Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting There

Good Morning
I hope you all enjoyed the Memorial day weekend
We had a great weekend

Note Busted knee sure put a damper on my planting plans this year *sigh*
So I am going to see what I can come up with this week, to brighten up
those flower beds some

But I am Happy to say the Knee is Healing, just a Huge UGLY scab
That breaks open when I move around
But I could not stand it any longer, so I have been cleaning out my
flower beds, and moving around more! Still so much cleaning to get done
Pretty sad looking beds this year, I lost my large bushes to the flood last year
But they are coming back out
And Yes I am Keeping my knee Clean 

Never managed to get out and a get a large pot of Petunia's for my deck
for this year, so planted a couple of smaller plants
Miss Lilly loves them and she always wants
a Pink One, and a Purple one :)

She is Helping her Daddy build a Chicken Coop
She loves Nana and Gampa's Chickens so she is going to
get some of her own

I will start putting my building back together next week
not sure I should be lifting and tugging on furniture just yet

I will get back to creating Soon! Goal is to reopen my shop
around the third week of June, or at least no later then July 1st

Have a Wonderful Week



  1. Don't overdo with that knee!! Your beds and flowers look good. We've had so much rain that everything is growing like crazy.

    Take care.


    1. It was such a pretty morning, I only managed to plant one boxwood to fill a bare spot, and it has rained all afternoon. It is suppose to rain all week! But I know soon enough we will have that humid Oklahoma heat :) So I plan on taking it very slow and easy

  2. Replies
    1. I won't I have slowed down since I did that, and think I am liking this slower pace :)

  3. Glad to hear you are improving Brenda. Take care of yourself. Miss Lillie is growing up so fast. She is a doll!

    1. Thank you Angela, yes Lilly is growing too Fast! I Can not believe how much Darbee has grown since I first seen her online. She is A beautiful little girl

  4. So glad you are on the mend but be careful to no undo what you have done.
    Love seeing your grand daughter.

  5. Glad to hear you are doing better with your knee. Don't overdo it. Miss Lillie is such a cutie pie! Janice

  6. Hi Brenda! I've been trying to catch up on blogs this morning, been gone for a while, sorry to hear about your leg! Hope you are better soon! Your little gal is so sweet♥ Is that my "Round Bunny" pattern in your banner to the right? Have a good weekend ~*~Lisa


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