Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting There

Good Morning
I hope you all enjoyed the Memorial day weekend
We had a great weekend

Note Busted knee sure put a damper on my planting plans this year *sigh*
So I am going to see what I can come up with this week, to brighten up
those flower beds some

But I am Happy to say the Knee is Healing, just a Huge UGLY scab
That breaks open when I move around
But I could not stand it any longer, so I have been cleaning out my
flower beds, and moving around more! Still so much cleaning to get done
Pretty sad looking beds this year, I lost my large bushes to the flood last year
But they are coming back out
And Yes I am Keeping my knee Clean 

Never managed to get out and a get a large pot of Petunia's for my deck
for this year, so planted a couple of smaller plants
Miss Lilly loves them and she always wants
a Pink One, and a Purple one :)

She is Helping her Daddy build a Chicken Coop
She loves Nana and Gampa's Chickens so she is going to
get some of her own

I will start putting my building back together next week
not sure I should be lifting and tugging on furniture just yet

I will get back to creating Soon! Goal is to reopen my shop
around the third week of June, or at least no later then July 1st

Have a Wonderful Week


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Too Much time on my Hands

confession time, I would almost be thrilled to go back to my studio
looking like this right now!
But by the time I emptied boxes and storage bins, it was crowded in there

What do you do when you are stuck in a chair for longer periods of
time then you prefer to be...........browse for ideas for said studio

since my leg got infected they changed my antibiotic
UGH.......now I can not get outside on this gorgeous sunny day
because they told me these meds would make me blister!! BLAH lol
And I have to take them for another 8 days *Sigh*

So with everything I have boxed up, I have been checking out
studio's on Pinterest (source for photo above)

Now in a dream world I would have a High ceiling
* but in reality I know that is impossible *
And look at that wall of windows, simply beautiful
See too much time on your hands and Pinterest
seems to make you want to do things that you will NOT be able to do

I have two small windows, one will house my air conditioner
I do have a door with window panes in it
I am going to uses mirrors to attempt to reflect what little
natural light I have in my building

See what I mean, this was before I boxed everything ALL of it,
 up and sold some items I did not use any longer, in a yard sale
(and by the way this is just one end of the building, yes there is more) 

It is dark in there, and all furniture items I have are dark
So plans are to paint everything white ! well not everything
I think I want to do some pops of cheerful colors in it

My floor is painted white 

I am thinking of splattering Paint on it :)
That way when I spill some it will not matter
Heck I may even splatter my windows, if I get brave enough to
But as small as they are that may not be a good idea for light to come in

My dream is to purchase a few items for storage

But I want to paint it if I make this purchase
and on Pinterest you will find several of these 
drawer containers, with ideas to paint, or cover with papers
I want to do one with map pieces of the lake we live at

So yes my room with still be eclectic I just can not settle on 
one particular style
Pinterest has made me have mixed feelings
First thing I have to get my knee healed up
and then I will tackle this project

Hope you are enjoying your weekend


Friday, May 20, 2016

Every Drs office should have a child in it

Good Morning

source Walmart.com

Just have to share my visit to the Doctor's office yesterday

The Nurse practitioner was who I got to see 
She walks into my room with a Cute little girl following her

Asks me if it is ok, the child was her daughter

This little girl squats down and looks at my knee and says

"Oh that is a bad one"

Her mommy gathers everything to scrub my wound
and the Little girl puts on surgical gloves and grabs her 
a square of gauze, and says
"I will help you mommy"

At this point I was not nervous at all, instead I was so calm
And enjoying the child being there

Her mom washes my wound and there is wound cleanser 
going down my leg, the little girl paps it dry, ever so gently
I ask her how old she was and she replied
"I am three"
after cleaning the wound, the nurse was putting iodine on it, the little girl 
informs me, that is great stuff, I always get that on my boo boo's :)

her mom whispered ask her what she is going to be
so I did and naturally she tells me "OH I am going to be a Doctor"

When her mom informed me they were giving me a shot of
antibiotic, and I mean the one that hurts and burns :)
The little girl says I will help I will hold your hand
(yes I hate needles LOL)
But that shot, well the entire office visit went so smoothly for me

I walked in stressed and worried about my knee
but instead had a very pleasant visit

Every doctor's office should be able to take a child to work with them
because it was just so SWEET and very soothing for her to be there

In fact I asked her if she could be there when they remove my stitches LOL

A child is full of compassion and care
Many adults could learn so much simply by watching children
Heck many doctor's today could learn from them
seems so many do not have a compassionate side to them 

Hope you have a wonderful day today
the knee feels much better, the swelling is almost all gone now
But Tuesday can not get here soon enough, I am ready for this 
to be OVER with. I am tied of hobbling around
I will hobble and have to be careful for a couple more weeks
but that is so much better then the fear of messing up my knee


Thursday, May 19, 2016


This is a picture of Lilly that just seems to say

So I will start with that and again SERIOUSLY 
I have not posted on my blog since March the 14th WOW

I was taking a much needed vacation from everything online
Yes even creating and selling 
No such luck at a vacation on a warm tropical beach somewhere :)

My intentions were to go back to work on the 15th of May

What a Flop that turned out to be
speaking of flop, I twisted a flip flop and 
I took a fall in my yard and my Knee and the corner of 
a Paver brick kissed each other

Let's just say the brick Won the battle
Violent Stone it was LOL

Stitches and Pain later............and today a trip to the DR
because it is infected :( I should share a HUGE frown here
Because in all honesty when I woke this morning to dark red
blotches going down my leg and major swelling I Freaked out!!
Seriously - the little toe was black from swelling UGH

So I am delayed at getting back to work
you see I boxed everything up in my studio building
Everything I tell you !! And cleared out many things I did not use
any longer. I was going to redo it, because it was far to cluttered
and uncomfortable. Now those plans are on the back burner
until said knee improves and I can move around better

So I will make an effort to at least post on my blog more often
or while I am laid up

Note: I shared Sweet pictures of Miss Lilly 
Because she just cheers me up 

Hope you are all still following me, I will be back soon


Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring is in the Air and I have a winner

Good Morning, I am late at announcing my winner

Thank you to everyone who signed up and shared
the winner is 

congrats Cathy on winning 

 Look who came to see Nana :)

what a crazy week I had last week
I had Internet issues, computer issues
all due to storms a week ago this past weekend

And then since my kiddo's are all down I spent this
past weekend with family, we went fishing last night!

Kale built him a fort out of wood at the lake
They keep this wood piled under a tree to build firs
Yes it was a cool windy evening but so much fun
and we did have a Nice Fire going

Nana caught the first fish, ok so not officially it was on my rod
but PaPa had to reel it in because Nana and Lilly was gone on a walk

I will be out of touch this week
have orders to wrap up today but I am spending quality time with family

Have a wonderful week, it is Beautiful weather here