Friday, January 29, 2016

Well spit in my post toasties LOOKIE here

I am Back :) and apparently on a roll LOL

Did I happen to mention that yesterday was a glorious day here
Yes pretty weather, and I may have dried items in my oven before
I realized how warm it was outside, Had to turn on my ceiling fan
But got up to over 80 in my house, so yes I may of turned 
on the air, long enough to cool it down some :)

Had a dream last night I was digging in the yard 
I am so ready to go play in the dirt this year
It will be almost if not 70 degrees here today, and yes I currently 
have some carrot bunches in my oven drying?

Miss Lilly broke her sunglasses

Yesterday her mama shared this photo of her
cleaning her Toy box up

Note to Self : Stop looking at all the new fangled 
(that may be my new word for the day)
math junk on Facebook
I just shake my heads at the new math they are teaching kiddo's today

So I had like 8 bunches of 3 carrots to get made up
Now we all know 8 x 3 is 24.........well I missed the mark failed the grade
What was I thinking :) I only made up four and had to throw four more bunches
together, thus the carrots in the oven drying, bring on the heat!

BIGGER note to self : you have to complete 42 printed pillows today Brenda
COUNT, you know how to do it LOL 

Wishing you all a Wonderful day today

What will you be planting for new flowers in your gardens this year?

by the way as soon as I catch up I will have another giveaway


  1. Miss Brenda,

    STOP! Sit down and BREATHE. You said "I just shake my heads", do you have more than one? Giggle. Just foolin' with you, you know that I love you beary much. Now step back, deep breath and laugh at yourself.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. Aww you so sweet
    My dear I am sending you big Beary hugs x

  3. Ah, you are such a busy bee, and your grand baby is adorable, how cute!
    The heat on really,then the AC! I opened my big porch windows just to try and pull in the sun a little today. It's not even 25 degrees in there!
    There is still ice all over the hill, so very deep.
    Those flowers, I miss them this time of year.

  4. I am moving there, lol. It is not too bad here but I do miss being outside and going for walks, so hoping spring comes early this year.


  5. Love it! and that hanging plant is yummy

  6. Well you have been very productive. Oh boy, new math. I had to watch so many tutorials when I was doing the math portion of my computer and business training progam.


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