Saturday, January 30, 2016

Flowers what are you favorites

Every Spring I always pick up potted Petunias to hang from my deck
The white ones were a gift from my husband a couple of years ago

My petunias get Huge and so pretty, I dehead them everyday 
they just get larger and larger!

I have Pink and Yellow Lilly's that grow but honestly they just do not
last long enough, I love the beauty of them and watching them burst into bloom

I have plans to add several Hostas to my backyard this year
We have contained our chickens in a pen 
last year they roamed free in my backyard and 
Well I lost my grass and everything back there, so this year I hope to add some shade loving flowers to that area
What would you suggest for shade?
And we will be planting some herbs for our chickens to feast on around their pen

Each year I change colors on my petunias  this was last years flower
Not sure what I will go with this year possibly Red or a solid purple

He is not easy to see but the cardinal was enjoying bathing in the sprinkler
We have honeysuckles on the back of our picket fence, about three different 
ones, I am hoping they start to bloom longer then they have, my dad had a 
beautiful honeysuckle plant that I always admired

Yes I am planning and thinking of adding things that are new 
to my yard this year.
The above picture got lots of attention a few years back
My elephant ears this year will be thicker
last years heads were HUGE! I love this photo with the little garden snake
coiled around the stem

I always have Sweet Potato Plants here and there

I have tons of these plants growing in different places they Multiply 
I keep having to move them around
My dad had this plant, my sister gave me some and I have so many
I have to weed them out now. They bloom in late summer, and stay green from early spring until winter begins. It is actually referred to as a cemetery plant
They do not require much attention and grow and grow
I love the delicate flowers on them when they bloom even though I know
it means summer will soon be over with!

I have tried Clematis, and had no luck with it, although I love the plant?

I did plant Morning glories on my fence last year they were beautiful
but I planted them too late to get much enjoyment out of the flowers

                     I am looking for some great ideas for Perennials this year
please do share some of your favorites with me
As I am dreaming of Spring time :)

Have a Wonderful weekend


  1. I love you flowers
    Pretty flowers x

  2. Hi Brenda, your flowers are gorgeous, they make me yearn for Spring,
    hugs, Lecia

    1. Thank you Lecia, I am so ready for spring time

  3. Mr.P. would sit and talk to you for hours about flowers Brenda. He is already searching through catalogs and can't wait for Spring. Me,,, not so much. I love their beauty, but I can just look at a plant and it die. I like all flowers that can be cut and used inside in my little vases. Nothing like a fresh arrangement of flowers in the house to add beauty. Yours are beautiful. Looking forward to Spring myself and here today it is just like a spring day. I have the slider open and temps. in upper 60's.

    1. I have been searching to for ideas. It was in the 70's the past two days, suppose to be in the 60's today but we will only see 40's the next two days. the weather is just teasing us :)

  4. oh how I would love to see the soil and flowers I would not love to see that snake yikes!
    I am in love with cone flowers I have mostly pink but have added a few white to mix it up. Once a cone flower blooms it stays for a long time.

    1. That you Cathy had not thought of cone flowers and they are so pretty! LOL on the snake I am fine as long as they are not copperheads, I stay away from those :)

  5. it is the time of year when we all start thinking about the flowers and playing in the dirt. As far as shade loving plants I just love to plant Impatiens. the come in so many colors and they spread and fill in nicely whether in a bed or a large pot.

    1. Thank you Kim I saved a picture of impatients on pinterest, I can not wait to start this project
      have a wonderful day

  6. Brenda - I don't think you can beat Hostas for shade. And they come back every year bigger and more gorgeous!


    1. Yes I am be adding several hostas. how is that new home coming along?
      have a great day

  7. Such pretty flowers. We haven't planted for the past two years due to the drought. But I love my Iris that a friend gave me. I like Columbine too it seems to grow nicely in my yard. Other than that I just buy what I like at the nursery and the ones labeled that will attract the bees and butterflies.

    1. Christina I will check out Columbine, thank you. We had a very dry year like that a couple of years ago here, and flooded all last year. I can not wait until the nursery's are full to go shopping

  8. I just love your gardens and you take such beautiful photos of them and the critters that visit.
    We have more cardinals this year, there was one that would not let any others near the feeder so I guess he didn't come back this year.


    1. Debbie I love watching the birds. We have Roadrunners that nest in a tree across the road from us, they come back every year

  9. Very nice pix of all the flowers! It was very rainy where I love today...hard to think of spring. I am not fond of snakes, so didn't like that

    1. LOL Linda, I am ok with the garden snakes just not the copperheads we have around here. so ready for spring time

  10. I would probably have to say my favorites are Black eyed Susans and Cone flowers. You certainly have a green thumb! :)

    1. Will jot down Back Eyed Susans on my list. I have Cone Flowers down
      can not wait to get to planting this year

  11. I don't kniw if I can pick a favorite. I will just say what ever is in bloom at the time or has a great leaf pattern. In winter I love to have a bouquet of astromaria in the house as they last so long.
    Have you tried the Bubble Gum petunia. We have good luck with that one.
    We hardly have any lawn left in our yard as we have huge beds of plants. I would like to make a small memorial garden for all the loved ones we have lost. The latest being my mom 2 weeks ago. She loved our gardens and said we have our own Botanical garden.

    1. Teresa I am so sorry to hear you lost your mom, Hugs and prayers for you
      I have never heard of Astromaria will check it out


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