Sunday, November 8, 2015

Just Simply Thinking about a Blog Hop giveaway

Good Morning

 Being silly in my thoughts this morning

Would it not be wonderful for everyone to approach this time of the year With this sentiment in their hearts? I think many do and then some get lost in the hustle and bustle of gifts In the stress of putting together a big event, a Huge meal, with guests I think we all go into the season with Plans to make it simple and to enjoy the Season for it's purpose To Praise the Lord and take it slow, to be grateful and just Happy

An Ornament by me: Picture from a customer of mine

this post may be picture heavy and also long in my memories 

But wait :) looking over the horizon, daylight is here
I better hurry, my chickens will be yelling for me to come
free them from the coop and Feed *Smile*

~The Greatest Gift is Love~

YES I am thinking of decorating for Christmas
So let's think about it together, at the bottom of this post I will share
details about a Blog Hop Giveaway the first week of December

My Little Tree will for sure be put up this year
I always do a little Country - Fishing tree
since we live at a Lake
But being that we live in this tiny 600 sq ft home
I think that is all I will put up in the house
(Hubby will probably be thrilled LOL)

A fishing guide here at the lake normally has this guy setting outside

If it snows this year I will visit this guy
Cause hey in all honesty my bones will be chilled
and my aches will scream in pain if it does happen
to drop that *bone chilling cold stuff*
probably nothing to worry about as we always seem to 
get ICE ... which is Worse then snow
 are you ready for spring? I AM :)

I am planning and scheming today out, we shall see

I am thinking, I am going to go drag hubby out of bed, And make ask
him to take the nonworking Air unit 
(that is not sealed to keep the cold outside :) 
out of my poor neglected, OH if you seen it now ***MESSY***
~I will get to it someday~ studio Building
Nope I am still not out there yet, still working at my kitchen table

I am going to go fix this tree that is crammed in a corner 
in my building

And I am going to go straighten that studio up this week
And Do my decorating out there
YES: That is my Christmas plans this year
To just get it done before Christmas
**A Gift to myself**

Who knows I may keep it decorated Year round
My little retreat to help me remember the Gift of Love

So let's recap a few years here, I could not find my tree
That was an extremely thin tree :)

When I get ready to do my thin tree this year I will share
lots of photos and how I did this, all with bits and pieces of stuff I had

this arrangement is what started me thinking of Christmas this year

I have made some wonderful friendships in the past seven years online
And have gotten some lovely gifts through swaps and giveaway's

Christmas trees the past few years that I have done

so Yes even though we here in this empty nest do not 
have a large family gathering I will put all of my wonderful
treasure's out to enjoy them

I will be Merry and nothing will take that Joyful feeling away from me

I may not have running water in my little building
But I am going to set up a Coffee bar out there so I can set and
RELAX for awhile everyday!
Note to self: buy gallons of water to put in building :)

Life should be simple and it should be Joyful

and we should all take a little time everyday to 
be thankful for our blessings 

To have a heart and Give the Gift of Love
(real love, unconditional, unselfish, true to the heart Love)
because the fake stuff just doesn't do a heart any good
So when you buy gifts this year, think with your Heart
When you give, Give with your Heart
And when you Receive do it with your Heart
Give unconditionally, without expectation in return
Be thankful and be Joyful because that is what Life should be

so If you want to give from the Heart

I am going to put together a Blog Hop Giveaway
A Christmas Ornament giveaway
It will run the first week of December
IF you would like to participate and donate an ornament
On your own Blog, please let me  know
I will share the details with you
And this can be just any ornament, one your have purchased
from a store, or another crafter or One you have made yourself
If you respond and do not have an email for me to reply to
Please contact me on My Facebook Page

closing now cause Hubby is up on his own and I am going to
work on my scheme of plans :)

Have a Lovely Sunday


  1. Wonderful blog post Brenda!!! Count me in please!!!

  2. Love the pics of the trees...all are so pretty. Would love to participate in the blog hop. I have also responded on facebook. I have never participated in a blog hop, and am really excited about joining in :)

  3. I would love to participate! I am not a real crafty girl but I do have an eye for ornaments and I love shopping for them! Please include me. Thank you and know how much I treasure my Pumpkinhead that I won from you several years ago! Such a joy for me!

  4. Count me in! Sounds like wonderful fun! :-)

  5. I have been so blessed with gifts from online friends I will never meet in person. I want to pay those blessings forward. My email is
    I have just finished hopping several HandMade ideas hops. My creative spirit is revved up and ready to go.

  6. I love all of your Christmas decorations. My granddaughter talks about us leaving our tree up all year, lol. It's because of my health and lifting to put the tree up every year. So, the rest of the year we just call it a Birthday or Family tree, lol. Looking forward to the Blog Hop Giveaway. I want to offer an ornament, and will email you in a sec.

  7. I love your trees and as always very generous.

  8. What a wonderful post, loved the thoughts and decorations. Thanks for sharing. I'm not sure how a blog hop works, but count me in!

  9. Wonderful post! And so true. All gifts should be given in love. ... My blog has been very neglected this past year, but this may just give me the motivation to get it going again. Yes, please count me in! Thanks!

  10. Count me in please. Love this idea !!

  11. Love this post Brenda, we don't have big family gatherings either and I can get kind of down watching others planning big dinners and gatherings around the holidays but you are right, we need to enjoy the little things, the love and blessings all around us in life. Please count me in for the ornie blog hop and thanks for doing this! ~*~Lisa

  12. Your Christmas spirit shines through your post. Yes, I will participate in the ornie blog hop. I think my email address shows up when you visit my blog.

  13. Hello Brenda, thank you for following us at Red Rose Alley. You have such a charming blog, and I like that you are thinking of Christmas already. I know some people think it's too early, but I am a Christmas gal all the way and love the season too. I love all the snowmen on here, and that skeleton riding the red snowmobile is something else.

    It's nice to meet new friends, and have a sweet day. I am now following you too.


  14. Hi , yes I would like to do. never did one before ,thanks

  15. Your post really warmed my heart. I love my skinny tree, each year decorated with so many ornaments that you made. My grandkids love it too. Have a glorious season.

  16. Good Morning to you :0) I loved this post, such truth in your words. I always enjoy your posts and getting to see what adorable Prims you create next :0) Being I'm a fellow Oklahoman I LOVE winter.. The summers are just too hot for this Girl! And, I have a tiny tree I keep up all year decorated with Prims for everyday, but then decorated for each holiday.. My sweet hubs calls it my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! We have a 4ft. One we decorate with Prim Christmas ornaments during the holidays.. Being we also live in a small home, ours is a 625 ft. Bungalow I understand about the space situation! Being I decorate Primitive.. theres a lot of organization involved in keeping our Prim Paradise beautifully arranged w/o looking cluttered! That's a full time job! Have a lovely weekend! ! ~ Marge ~

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  18. Hi there just came across your blog and seen the blog hop , sounds like fun.

    I am not actually sure how it will work but would love to give it a try if not too late :)

    Thank you


  19. Hi Brenda, I would like to join in too and giveaway an ornament I have made. :) Love your blog post! <3


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