Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hot and Humid and More Rain in the forecast

Gee it is HOT outside, but it is summer 

Just read one our Firework shows will still be happening
My poor dogs, they will stay under my bed

Weather permitting *sigh* Yes we have more Rain coming in

My Four O'clocks are thriving and so pretty this year

And I have a couple of GIANT Elephant ears

Just got a couple of Great old quilts in the mail yesterday
I will be making more quilt pillows

and some Stockings with Snowmen inside

I have started listing Christmas in my

Orders are already coming in through Facebook
so place your orders now before I get too booked

I also have some new graphics for pillow tucks
I need to get made up and listed

Don't forget I am having a SALE on Etsy
Use code 4THJULY2015
to get 10% off of your order
If you see something you would like that I have
not yet listed let me know

Still working on my building I have progress pictures
but will save them until I get closer to finishing

Getting Closer, and I can not express how Happy I am
that this Job is almost done

Have a Wonderful 4th of July Weekend


  1. Love the look of items made from old quilts, but I never see anything good here, mostly 50's look and large blocks. I did get some material that is blue homespun, quilted into squares, one of these days I will make something with it.


  2. Loved the sister's one!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  3. I love your quilt pillows, Brenda! Can't wait to see your building!!


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