Friday, May 8, 2015

So Much Happening

Good Afternoon
Well I have certainly neglected my blog for a week

Been watching weather daily?
Oklahoma has had some horrific storms this week
More to come today and tomorrow

Things are a Muddy Mess

We do not have a Rooster and this old gals has been
sitting, so a Neighbor brought some eggs over last night
And she was like all thrilled to have a bunch to set on!
Stuck my head in the hatch of the coop this morning
and she is now sitting facing the door so I can not take the eggs away
OH my the Noise she made at me this morning
MEAN ole HEN :)
We shall see in 21 days, if she hatches them out
He will take them back to his place to a special coop he has for them
But once a couple get a bit larger I will be adding to my little family

Really ashamed to share this, they tore the skirting off the bottom
When an HUGE and I mean Big old snake got under our building
last summer. I was ok with it because the bottom will be skirted
in cedar siding. And it is such a muddy mess right now.
If the rain would let up I will power wash her and 
I will paint, my building will be a light tan color, like our house trim
and the trim on the building will be in the red like our house is

The front barn style doors will be framed in and a regular
house door will be hung with a large window
The other side has a window on the side of it but it is under a lean too
And will house my window air unit

About three years ago I got all excited to get this job done
I have been patient along time now *sigh*
But proudly enough they have emptied it out
And if this wonderful weather will corporate with us
they will begin finishing out the inside
It may be small only 10 foot by 20 foot but it will be a 
guest room / studio for me, not sure I will work in it. 
But it will get all this abundance of supplies out of my tiny house

The loft part will be taken down and the ceiling partially dropped
so I can hang Nice lights in it, I will share when the progress begins 

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Have a Wonderful Weekend


  1. You have every right to be the weather needs to cooperate! Snake..........I got the chills just hearing the word!
    Hope he doesn't come back and get all cozy once your place is finished!!!

  2. I know you are excited about your new work place wish I had one gonna be cute when you've finished I'm sure

  3. How exciting for you Brenda, a new work place. Sure hope your safe with all the storms around. Blessings Francine.

  4. I am jumping for joy for you. Its been long over due! I will come help! :) Hmmmm If I do that, I do not see us getting much work done, just a lot of laughing. HUGS :)

  5. Very Happy for you! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Maggie


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