Tuesday, April 21, 2015

That time of the Year

That time of the year
When I hide out and let the past consume my days!

And memories of a Dream come true take over *sigh*

8 years ago I spent the entire month of April
packing up our life to relocate for hubbies work

Yes piles of items to put in storage since we would be residing in an RV

Items that we would need in our RV

and that pile that just kept growing of items to sell in a Yard sale

well wow that pile took over, because the day we had our sale
we got rid of almost everything we owned! 
*that in itself was a big shock and not an easy thing to do*
Making a move to the unknown was scary to say the least

I had been home alone for awhile as he was already on the job in
East Texas, And while he was there he shocked me by going to a
Great little town packed with shops and renting a building

I pretty much every year since have spent the month of April
broken hearted  that we relocated back to Oklahoma

And we won't say that I will get any better until after the month of June

The last day of April we pulled out with a Pickup full and a trailer
behind us, that was it, that was all we took!
I spent days painting and rummaging at sales to get display pieces
and sewing my tail off, as I only had three items made to open shop!

The month of May we built display items and finished the inside
of my store so I could open in June !

It did not take me long to fill it up and it was such a great success!

I miss it so much! And would do it all over again in a heartbeat

I lost all of my photos after my store was open when I lost a computer!

The People in East Texas were wonderful
I will never get over closing this little corner store up

There is a building where we live at for lease and I would love to have it!
But knowing we are in an area where it would not be feasible for me to  
open a business, due to it being a seasonal tourist area, I just spend time
DAYDREAMING *with a few tears*

Funny how one thing in life can have such a tremendous tug on your heart
I miss East Texas and I MISS my store


  1. Handing you a tissue because I know that feeling as well. I miss my store and my customers. :) But just think, if we did not have closed up our shops, we would have never met online. :) Funny how things work out........

    1. I know. I miss it so much, more I think because I was so happy where we were

  2. Brenda...I feel your pain. I know that feeling as well. I had a little shop in Wyoming. I wasn't in the shop for a long time but enjoyed my time there. A real plus of the shop was that I met a lifelong friend, Sheila. All of these memories and experiences help form who we are today and look at all you have done since then. You helped gather up a bunch of crazy crafters into a wonderful team and I for one will be very thankful of that.

    1. Thank you Pat, I love the team and the friendships I have made.

  3. I'm so sorry about your shop. Years ago I had a dream. I wanted a small shop where crafters of all kinds could sell their goods and I would take a percentage of their sales I looked around town and couldn't believe it when I found a tiny little shop at the end of a shopping mall, with a little backroom where I could sit to do my own crafts. The rent was unbelievably low, and I was thrilled. The only problem was. I had a son in his early teens, and a three year old daughter, so I knew I wouldn't be able to man the shop all day, every day. The ideal solution seemed to find a partner, so I advertised in the local paper. I found a lady that I got on with and who seemed as enthusiastic as me. Unfortunately she was a bit too enthusiastic, because about a week later I passed by the shop and she was already occupying it. she had stolen it from under my nose. I was so upset I'd trusted her. I must admit I felt a little bit of pleasure when she went out of business less than six months later, (apparently she had been ripping off her crafts people. and taking more than her fair share of their sales) I believe in karma, so I tried not to feel too happy at her downfall. but it put me off sharing a business with anyone ever again! Blessings

    1. Lesley that is just so wrong that she did that to you. And yes Karma will get the dishonest ones every time

  4. So sorry you are feeling so down.
    But just remember you fulfilled a joy that you had, and that will be forever in your heart.

  5. Oh, your post made me sad. I had several shoppes in the past and I can understand what you shared here. I am just fine now with all that in my past. Having a wonderful store is a joy. Hugs...

    1. Thank you Linda I am fine where I am at and thank the Lord for it all the time. If it was meant to be I would still be there. Still miss it though :)


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