Thursday, April 23, 2015


Good Morning
What am I sharing, well we have had enough rain here I suppose 
I could bottle that up and share with so many that need it!

Apparently we may only see a little rain
OK it is written a few HEAVY rain showers? 
With mostly cloudy skies!!! I want sunshine
But hey I shall not complain, I seen some that posted
on Facebook that they got Snow?? WHEW!
I believe I would move even further South if we had snow right now

Enough news about the weather 

My Sale will run until April 30th in My Etsy shop

This guy is Made and Ready to Ship, I had hoped to list all 
of the Uncle Sam's I have started, but did not get them finished
Good News I am working on them, with hopes that nothing will
interrupt a Productive day today!

Tomorrow we will kick off a Great Giveaway with many prizes
And many winners !! 

We will also start a Mother's Day and pre Summer Celebration on the
First of May, More on that later

Hope you have a Great day, wow it is almost the Weekend again
Time goes by too darn fast *sigh*

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  1. Thanks for the discount my friend! I'll have fun looking at your shop! Enjoy your evening. Sweet hugs, Diane


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