Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sniffle Sniffle!!

The wind got my petunias the other day but they are starting to come back out

You see this attractive scrap of rag !!
That is just taking it and rubbing it directly under where it sets
on my deck rail, just to show off that Wonderful 
I best not use my word of choice here *sigh*
OH my gosh it is everywhere, and my nose does not like it
I have been blowing my nose, eyes watering, and coughing
Oh yes I did say I LOVE spring time, even though storm
season is here 
and I refuse to let the Pollen keep me indoors ! 

I promise I am working on my new things, all current orders
have been shipped and I am just getting 
my giveaway items shipped from being behind

I have several Americana items I will be sharing later this week

Hope you are all safe from the stormy weather everywhere


  1. Love your new bunny, great material for his coat.
    No pollen that I know of, my allergies say it is spring, lol.
    We got a lot of plant and tree damage with all the storms and snow, will have to do some pruning to get things back in shape.


  2. Hi, Brenda. I know what you mean about the pollen and Spring. Love it but not the stuff that comes with it. I was eating breakfast the other morning and had a mouth full of food and yep, I had to sneeze, before I could swallow and I ended up wearing part of it to , went everywhere, yuk! lol Least to say I had to Clean Up!. Oh and The petunias are gorgeous, love the purple. God Bless.

    1. LOL, I love spring but like you not the stuff that comes with it.
      God bless

  3. Wow, that's a lot of pollen! I can't wait to get some petunias. They are one of my favorites :) We still have a little snow here but it's won't be around for too much longer. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Americana bunny!!

    1. going to test this reply Kim to see if it works

  4. Hi Brenda! Can't wait to see your Americana beauties!

  5. Hi, Brenda, I hope you are feeling better! Lots of kids are stuffy and have the sniffles at school. Darn allergies! I always love your work. Take care ~Natalie


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