Friday, April 10, 2015

Do the Hokey Pokey

and Fall on the Ground

Laugh if you will, go ahead I have all day long !!!
If this was me my left foot would be attached to my right leg

my head would be turned around backwards, OH wait 
maybe his is :)

I feel like if I tried to do the hokey pokey I would just
fall over? I can not seem to function right
is it too late in the day to wish for a mulligan LOL 

WHAT a day !! Ever had one of those days where
you went to do stuff and messed it all up, YUP that is 
HOW my day has gone !! ALL day long

One example see this one arm doll
The other arm that I had to redo is in the oven drying?
GEE I painted the hand on the one I started???

And if that is not bad I will not even go into deep details 
to count how many other various projects I have done
basically the same thing to, ALL day long UGH

I should not complain my problems are so simple?
I am just a klutz today a full blown messed up klutz 

and now it is time to start dinner
OH wait maybe I will let hubby do that when he gets home

That may be dangerous for me to attempt !!
Just sharing the Good the Bad and the UGLY with you
like I am sure you wanted to hear that ?



  1. We have all had those days....Right now my body hurts so bad from moving furniture, crawling on the floors washing off the floor boards, I couldn't do the Hokey Pokey if I wanted too ! :( Ugh I think I am turning into my Mother?? LOL

    1. LOL, it is a good thing I did not attempt to clean like that, my furniture would probably be upside down

  2. LOL Brenda! Love that doll - even with one arm! You are definitely not alone-I love my seam ripper. Hope your weekend goes better for ya! ~*~Lisa

    1. LOL Lisa, glad to know I am in good company
      Have a great weekend

  3. Hey I've had a few of those days lately.........something so simple has turned into a huge wasted mess! I am trying to make an Uncle Sam doll-got the doll done but I'll be danged if I can figure out his coat. It has two double folds and I can't get my simpleton mind wrapped around it and I've already wasted precious striped fabric......I may just have to have seams where they're not supposed to be and see if I can salvage some of the fabric.
    Made two meatloaves the other night, one for dinner one for freezer. How does one screw up a meatloaf??? Good grief it just wasn't like I usually make-guess I better start following a recipe instead of winging it every time!

    Hokey Pokey-I've be twisted like a pretzel right about now :)
    You aren't along my friend.

    1. LOL, well about dinner, we did burgers on the grill, hubby said take care of these and he disappeared?? to his building really, yep they were a bit char broiled (burnt) LOL

      we all need a weekend away together so we can laugh at each other LOL

  4. Oh, I have lots of days like that, lol. I actually cut out the same appliqué templates, three times and all the wrong way.
    Yesterday I was tired and should have stopped but I wanted to get one more row, sewed up and then I look and I had the blocks going backwards on two different sections, so more work to take it apart today.


  5. ha ha Brenda it's great to know you are just like the rest of us!! Girl I have learned to embrace my flightyness it sure makes life more fun. And I believe its good to laugh at yourself!! XOXO Love Fran.

  6. I actually like the doll minus an arm. She's kind of mysterious! I'd love to pass her around a room of friends (while we drink wine!) and speculate on what occurred back in the olden days to make her lose an appendage!

  7. Never mind one of 'those' days, I seem to be having one of 'those' lives! I'm trying to complete a CQ heart, and I seem to spend more time frogging than stitching. Hey Ho. Probably tomorrow everything will go well. (ever the optimist) anyway I'll make sure I have a bottle of wine handy for whichever way it goes. Love your work, We don't see anything like it in my part of the world. Blessings


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