Monday, March 30, 2015

Sign up before it is Over ! Still lost but I am getting there

good Monday Morning to you

Oh I love spring time, listening the all the birds wake up 

Where is THERE? I am still wondering that one myself *sigh*

My list of to do's is long 
finishing up three of these gals today!
got some new ones started I am doing a bit different

Have a couple dozen of the pillows to ship this week

Have some sweet new birds I have been wanting to work on
that shall be this week too !!

and working on orders this week on rabbits !!
I could sure use a clone
if I had one she would be the one to do my laundry today
to clean my neglected house
and to plant my flowers for me too !!
Poor gal I would run her ragged no wonder I can't find anyone
to fill that position LOL

wishing you all a Wonderful WEEK

tomorrow is the LAST day to sign up for my blog giveaway

add to list !
Dress this little lady, that has been on my work table all month NAKED 
I am sure the winner won't want a Bare HARE *Smile*
OK the chickens are screaming time to go feed and get this day Started!
HAVE a Good ONE 



  1. I love everything u make you are so talented

  2. Hope I signed up. I love your work and own a few pieces of it :).


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