Friday, March 27, 2015

Lost and Found

Good Morning 
Do you see that? do you see how many days it has been since
my last I am going to blog more often Post ? Lost ?

I have found myself buried in what should be a giant box of Kleenex

BUT wait I ran out of those so I had to resort instead to 
my stash of Overstocked hmmm? I need to replace that :)
TOILET paper, Extra soft yeah right ??? my Nose does not 
feel like that

I have been sick all week, dang it all and I am tired of this mess

I have been sick off and on since the first of the year !!!
you may find this humorous, the cart full of toilet paper
BUT I have news for everyone, next year during sick season
this gal is stocking up with three months of EVERYTHING
I need *even if I have to stack it in the middle of my living room*
And I refuse to go out in the public or around anyone to catch ANY 
sort of illness !! UGH everything I have had I have caught from 
someone in the family who was sick, or at the pharmacy where folks 
were blowing noses and hacking, or the hospital! 
and I am not doing this again! I shall HIDE next winter

and that will not be hard for me to do, because I love
staying at home, unlike most that like to go, go, go
I would rather be comfy cozy in my house, creating !!

I am shipping out the orders I got behind on today
and tomorrow, and starting all new orders I have from this week

PLUS finally I will be finishing up all the new started creations

Lots of those being Patriotic items

I have three of these BIG guys started that are dressed
different then the one pictured and they are going 
to be great, all decked out with lots of accessories !!
*more to come on that later*

Ok it is time for me to get a fresh roll of TP and get to work :)
Note: to customers here, as most already know I stop production
when I think I am contagious, but I am no longer contagious
which is a good thing, because days without creating gets me
behind in orders !!

Have a wonderful day


  1. You are HILARIOUS ! Maybe purchase some STOCK in Kimberly Clark :P

    1. LOL Cindi, glad I could make you laugh :)

  2. Hope you are soon feeling much better Brenda, its no fun being sick all the time. You will have missed making your beautiful creations. Hope the crafting time helps to make you feel "on the mend."

  3. Hope you are feeling better Brenda! My daddy has no immune system to speak of so he has stayed in basically all winter to avoid all the creeping crud going around. Now the dr says he needs to start weekly injections that will kill off what remains of his immune system and is the strongest antibiotic drugs on the market. Dr said he will have to take the shots for the rest of his life and pray he doesn't contract anything that needs to be treated with antibiotics. Take care of yourself!

    1. Prayers for your dad and Hugs to you

  4. This seems to be a bad year for all of us, one cold after another.
    I stay home too but my family brings it home, so I can't avoid them;)


    1. yes I have heard it has been bad on many this year. Feel better Debbie, no more colds spring is here !! let's get well

  5. Hope you are feeling better Brenda and I hear you, I'd much rather stay at home creating!😊

  6. Those 2 question marks at then end of my post were supposed to be smiley faces :( don't know why it made question marks, lol.


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