Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday already

Gee where did the week go ??

I have orders flying everywhere No not in the air but in my house :)

I am going to have to take a day and do some major cleaning here

I have a few creations I will not post to sell until after this next week
instead they will be going up for an Auction on a facebook group
for the Folkart and Primitives Etsy team

requests are monitored as to who joins so if you prefer you 
can go to my facebook badge on the sidebar and leave me 
a message on my page that you want to be added to the auction page

and I will leave you with a picture of Lilly 

We wish you a wonderful day 


  1. Brenda....You sound as though you are very very busy and I am sure that is the way you like it! Can't wait to see what goodies you are working on! Lily keeps growing cuter and cuter!

  2. Your creations are just beautiful. As is that delightful little Lily :-)

  3. Wonderful new pieces. I really should make some dolls and things, but this week I went for the, I have no idea what I am doing but I did it anyways, creations, lol. Lilly is so cute, you can't help but be happy around babies and toddlers.


  4. Sweet Lilly, she's so precious!

  5. This baby girl knows what's good! She's a real life dolly! ~*~Lisa


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