Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Good report

Just look at that face, it is even worse then this picture right now
*Ice, Rain, Mud.....if it is outside she will get into it*
really if it is only one small spot of mud in her yard
she is going to find it *sigh*

after a few weeks of up and down and back and forth
of her injuring herself, her leg is healing well

Do not know how when where or why? 
But she had a severe sprang 
with days where she could not stand, would scream if you 
touched her wrong, she was just miserable!!
Finally we no longer have to take her out to go out to potty, 
because she could not get up and down the one Step off of our deck
she has been on half a baby aspirin every night ? 

 *believe it or not she does stay white for awhile*
and yes the bottom center picture, she can go right through
those pickets ! and she knows once she is on the other side
she is in major trouble !! She is a MESS

Well I took her in today and it doesn't appear it was any more
then a bad sprang ! If she shows any further symptoms with it
we will go back again ! 
and by the way she felt special when her mom was put in the cage
and she got to go with me by herself ? This dog is Rotten to the core!

Shelby was extremely put out with me for leaving her alone
this morning, she is at my feet right now
and I can assure you she won't let me out of her sight the rest of today 

Now I can take them to the groomers !


  1. I think it is any animal with white fur, they want to be dirty, lol.
    I had a white cat and he would go out and roll in the dirt, right after he got cleaned again.
    Glad she is ok, I am still waiting for Bean to hurt himself, he thinks he is a trick dog, haha.


  2. She is pretty! I never saw a white one before. I hope she heals fast.

  3. Poor little baby, you get better real fast. Tell your Mom and Shelby the rx for a sprain is SPOILING, SPOILING, and then some SPOILING!!!! We love you, sweetie, and Shelby too.

    Prudence ♥

  4. A www, poor sweet one, sending get well wishes.Hugs Francine.

  5. Such cute dogs. I just groomed my little one. Hoping for Spring to pop cause I took off a ton of hair, but I just heard we are to get snow and rain mix over this weekend. Ragsy wont be out long for sure. Sorry the pup had a sprang. My dog is getting old so he has some arthritis going on.

  6. If might sound like a stupid question but what is a sprang?? I thought I was mis-reading the word sprain. I've never heard of it before. Glad your baby is better.

  7. It's heartbreaking when a furbaby is hurt or sick! Very good news she is on the mend! ~*~Lisa

  8. So so happy to hear that she is healing up and feeling so much better. Love the pics of her when she was a wee one. She and Shelby are absolutely beautiful. Miss Rooh and Baby Booh send many wiggly tails and puppy kisses their way :)


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