Friday, February 13, 2015

Really The White Stuff WHY

this was a few years ago !! we have been so lucky this year
No snow No Ice !!

the Weather folks are saying we have a chance of Snow
on Tuesday
today and tomorrow will be in the 60's and then
we will go back to winter BLAH!!!

I am so ready to see the bright colors of Green and Flowers
The warm glow of the sunshine on my face
**OK it is sunny out we will see if these guys are right for today**

something tells me I best enjoy today and tomorrow *sigh*

I need to be busy working
Geesh I have NO bunnies done ??
Guess I best kick start myself and get in gear 

Have a wonderful day, for those friends up in the Northeast
stay warm and safe!! for I hear you have a justified reason to
complain, and I do not think I do *grin*
for our lows during the onset of this White stuff moving this way
will only be at 32* 
I know shame on me, but I am just so ready for Spring to get here

New feature on my blog
you can now Pin my pictures or share posts

Coming soon I will be changing the format of my blog
and adding Product to it to purchase

Have a Wonderful Day



  1. Hi Miss Brenda,

    I'm hoping for a big storm on Monday,'s really cold here and getting colder, (like 5 degrees) but spring will soon be here. I think everybeary is ready and waiting.

    Happy Heart's Day
    Prudence ♥

  2. i'M SO GLAD i'M NOT IN THE COLD AND SNOW Any more. I would probably fall and break something else and I already have double knee replacement and the rt shoulder as well. I don't need more.. also I would have to feed the wood burner...too old for that TAKE CARE

  3. Brenda,

    You know you don't want to be left out of the misery of winter...snow! It is pretty to look at the first time and maybe the second snowfall, but after that I am so over it! Enjoy your beautiful temps today and tomorrow. We are in the cold temps with windchills in the single digits today....BRRRR!


  4. Catching up here today! Oh my, your weather sounds like our weather! Warm all weekend and then Monday snow day! LOL! Always such a pleasure to stop by and say hi. Hugs, Anne

  5. Hope you have a great day, Brenda. Enjoy the 60's while you can!!

  6. I can only wish for 60 degrees in February here in Northern Illinois. It's so cold right now!

  7. Hi!!!! We have been lucky and Kentucky too!!!!!! Can't wait to see your bunnies!!!!!!!

  8. We are getting it tomorrow so got things we need today and I decided it would be fun to make chowder and clamcakes for a fun dinner since we will be stuck in.


  9. Yes we are waiting on a lot of snow. I too can not wait to see the beautiful gardens blooming.

  10. It's pouring down snow like crazy here now - and very cold. Pretty, too, but by now I'm so tired of it!

  11. Count your blessings weatherwise..You have nothing to complain about..

  12. Brenda your darling rabbit made it to the cold north all nice and tucked in its festive wrappings.
    I just can not wait to blog about it. Again thank you so much I just love every inch of him.


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