Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good Morning, today is Lilly's Day

WOW has it already been a year??

Happy Birthday Sweet Miss Lilly !!!!
I was so thrilled we got to travel up to see Lilly
for her Birthday party last weekend !

Lilly's Aunt made this for her Birthday photo shoot
I do not have all of those pictures but when I get them
I can promise you that I will have a picture heavy post of her!

Lilly and Daddy *my youngest son*

She is a character !!
Her smile will just melt your heart and those Blue eyes

Nana loves Lilly 



  1. Good Morning Brenda. She is adorable. I love the picture of her in the , looks like a suite case I think. My grandmothers Name was Lilly and I just love that name. Grandbabies are special. We have a great grandbaby ( a boy and he's 2 ) and somewhat of a mess. Have a great day and as always God Bless.

    1. Thank you Yvonne, They are special little people. The box she is in is a hunting ammo box. she will be a tutu wearing little girl for dance, but I can assure you she will hunt with her daddy, love fishing, and possibly even handle a golf club pretty good :) !!

  2. What a darling little angel face that Lilly is! Beautiful parents, too - and a fun collage of family pictures that is perfect for making the heart of a grandma melt away!

    1. Yes this Nana's heart is melting !! She is a doll

  3. She is adorable. Love the chalkboard, what a great idea. Happy Birthday Lilly!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Yes it does fly too quickly, thank you Laura

  5. How sweet!! Happy Birthday Lilly!

  6. Wow! One year already. I LoVe the blackboard with all the particulars..a great idea! Happy Birthday sweet Lilly!
    Hugs Marg.

  7. Time sure flies by and she is so so cute, she does melt your heart with her smile.
    Love the photos and the one with dad is priceless.


  8. Thank you Debbie, yes I love the one with her Daddy, it was hard choosing which ones to share!! I have so many.

  9. She is precious. She looks so sweet and tiny. Isn't it fun seeing your sons with their girls. Happy Birthday Baby.

  10. What great pictures! Happy Birthday to little Lilly!

  11. Cute pictures..She's adorable..Thanks for sharing


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