Thursday, January 15, 2015

There is a Heat Wave coming to Town

Good Morning

and I feel great today, go figure why does
feeling bad linger for so long. I believe I shall be working
all day long and finish my last orders

then I will Move on to new items that have been sitting on the 
sidelines waiting for attention, so I can fill my shop up and get back to work

We are Suppose to see warmer temps for a few days

Please, please Weather man be Right !!!
I am sure this will be a short term improvement 
and Winter will come back with a bang???
but I am excited

I want to go out and play in the dirt that would be so wonderful,
I have been dreaming of flip flop days & warmth on my face

Miss Lilly says 
Have a wonderful day
It is hard to believe she will be a year old soon !!


  1. Have a great day Brenda. Wow, your temps are going to be warmer than ours here in GA. Enjoy!! Love to
    see photos of Lilly. She is a doll.

  2. Wow!!!!! lucky you Brenda. We are enjoying a mild day here in Winnipeg. What a sweetie Lilly is, adorable. Blessings Francine.

  3. So glad you are feeling better! Those temps would seem like heaven right about now. We were in the negative digits yesterday :( Lilly is so sweet!!

  4. Lucky you, I would love to see at least 50, lol.
    Look forward to seeing your new creations.


  5. That forecast sounds good. Still cold here but the sun was shining today.

  6. Right now I will be happy if it gets to 30. Janice

  7. Hi glad you are feeling better. The temp here this morning is -4. Cold for sure, but I'm hoping the sun comes out.,I have been home bound just out for appointments and I love the crisp fresh air. Feels so good.
    The picture of your " Miss Lily" is adorable. Yes, it is hard to believe she is soon 1 year already! Enjoy these years...they go by sooo fast!
    Have a great weekend! Hugs Marg.

  8. Miss Lilly is a beauty. A serious baby magazine cover beauty!


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