Friday, January 9, 2015

The Sun will come out tomorrow??

Good Morning !!
Would you love to change the words to that song

The Sun will be warm tomorrow

The sun is out, but it is far from warm out there *sigh*

I am so ready for some warmer weather and we are not even
as cold as many of you I know are! But cold is cold and I for
one am sick of it 

I want trees full of green, these bare brown drab branches
are getting the best of me

I want to plant things, dig in the dirt a little 

But I suppose since Winter is a season and we can 
not rush it along, I will just Hibernate and day dream

thank you everyone that has contacted me
No I have not fallen into a deep hole, or gotten lost
I am still recouping from be sick, feel lots better
but the energy level is just not what it should be

The sun will shine again tomorrow, now the next day
it may not, and EEEKKK later this weekend we may even
possibly see some of that White stuff, UGH
for us that will more then likely be in Ice form 
Darn it if it is going to get Ugly out there I would rather it
just snow enough to be pretty, if there is such a thing !!!

And frankly I would take warmth and even the little critters that 
come along with it, just not the Big ones *smile*

the Sunset will be pretty this evening, but that water
will not be warm enough to go down to enjoy it on the beach!!

I think I shall choose red for my petunias this year

there I am day dreaming again.

Can I just go pull the blanket up over my head and
wake up to Spring time 

Nay, I must survive yet another Cold winter

I have four orders to finish and ship, that are late
My shop is still empty, I have only gotten up to work
the past few days to find myself back under my warm
cozy blanket feeling like I have not slept in weeks??
maybe that is because I spent so much time for over a week
sleeping in an upright position on a cold hard surface
*Too much info I am sure*
But a bathroom is not a cozy sleeping spot in your home!!

Gee being sick is no fun!! I apologize for being behind to
those that are waiting patiently for me to ship
But I thank you for being so understanding

I think I have the Winter time Blues

Hope you are warm and Cozy and I wish you a 
Wonderful Weekend

I will get back into action and create again


  1. It is way too cold this year, and I don't mind snow, but the bone chilling freeze is killing me.
    I think I would be tempted to head south for the winter, if I could;)


  2. Oh good to day dream of warmer days. Hope you feel better real soon, Francine.

  3. Brenda the "arizona" cold has been messing with me more this year. I think its the thyroid ugh!!

  4. Sorry you have been ill. So many have been. But cozy blankets are the best.

  5. The sun is out and it's beautiful..I love the cold as long as it's not windy..Sunny-cold=perfect..No bugs!!

  6. Dear Brenda.... I too have been " under the weather" so to speak. I am biding my time getting better after being in the hospital for nine days from Dec. 23-31. It was de ja vu . I was happy to be there when I needed their help, but oh so happy to be Home Sweet Home. Being sick is just not on the agenda for us creative minds. I won the prim bunny from you when I first started blogging Brenda, and I cherish it. You have an awesome amazing talent! Get the rest you need and when you are good and ready your creative juices will flow again :) I am sitting in " my chair" with my legs up looking out the French doors at the birdies eating and " playing in the snow. I so enjoy this time of year. Of course we have snow. It cleans up an otherwise muddy yard. I love when the trees get their branches loaded with snow. It's gorgeous! Of course I much prefer to be inside looking out on a snowy winter day. I hope you are feeling like yourself again real soon. In the meantime take all the time for you need. We will be here when you are ready. Have a wonderful peaceful weekend.
    Hugs Marg.

  7. Brenda, hope you bounce back soon!
    Winter isn't my favorite time of year either ~ soon after Christmas I'm dreaming of spring to arrive.
    Stay Warm and Cozy ~ keep dreaming it will be here soon!
    Prim Blessings


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