Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our party, time change and some sweet ornaments I got


( source pinterest )

Ok so if the COLD that rolled through did not 
mess with me enough, time change really did it
I am a 5 AM person, so yes you have it, I awoke
and it was 4 AM this morning, went back to sleep 
and woke back up an hour later ?? Sigh !
My Spoiled chickens are 8 AM cluckers
yes they tell me it is time to feed them :)
and yes you guessed correct again, at 7 AM this morning
they were shouting at me?? REALLY !!!
I want to go back to longer days and warmer weather 
so yes picture this at about 7 PM this evening I will
be sitting with my head propped up and fighting sleep :)

We had a wonderful time last night
had a fire going, food and fun
There were 12 folks on the hay ride
I stayed home to man the fire and let my dogs
out of their cage, people enjoyed the party
the dogs not so much !!

Grandpa's loading up to pilot and co pilot their drive
in the dark 
my pictures did not turn out great that I took, but my 
SIL took some and hopefully I will have some to share
It was COLD outside but the fire was warm 

wanted to share some sweet ornaments I got from 

I love handmade ornaments !!
Hope you had a Fun Halloween
and a great weekend
I now need to rally the troops, oh wait that is right
just this one ole gal and get my rear busy
my party prep and company threw me behind 
a couple of days in production
But thank you customers for understanding
it was well worth it !!



  1. A cool night with a fire sounds wonderful. Love the ornies!!

  2. Glad the party turned out well.....sounded like fun! It has turned chilly on Cape Cod we had snow flurries! Not ready for the WHITE stuff!

  3. Brenda I am all confused today!! I don't know what time I am suppose to go to bed!! And I am hungray too and been piece mealing all day. I did sew though!! And I love the cool ornaments. XOXO Love Fran.

  4. We have day light saving in Australia, I must say most town people like it and ALL farmers hate it. I am ex farmer so I still don't like it even in the town. Keep warm.
    Hugs Kay

  5. It's always a good thing when we make time for our families! The hay ride looks like it was fun! LOVE the ornies, too!

  6. Such seasonal goodness - hay rides & a warm fire. And those cute ornaments get me inspired for the next season too!

  7. I do miss halloween with the kids, but no kids around here anymore.
    Love your new creations, time for me to try some things too, have lots of patterns that I have been collecting.


  8. Oh I love hayrides, sounds like all had a fun time! Speaking of cold, it got pretty chilly here in Florid today, I think we were taking the nice weather for granted! Stay warm:)

  9. looks like lots of fun :)
    hugs and smiles x

  10. So jealous!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!

  11. Cute ornaments Brenda..Yes, the animals seem to have a problem with the time change..Mollie wants to go out at 6:30..Makes for a long day..Happy November..


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