Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Purpose of a Calendar

Not an actual picture of my calendar
but you get the idea
Mine hangs above my desk and it has
scribbling noted in on the days of the month,
 appointments, special events
It's purpose is to remind us of dates 
and as most it is to remind me of things I need to do!
*my dogs need to have shots at the end of this month*

Mr Oliver turns one and is having a Birthday Party!
The last weekend of this month

Well apparently my brain is not working
I missed my blog anniversary
Which as clear as day is on my calendar 
I begin blogging on August 17th 2009!
And I have made some of the most wonderful
friends being online, I appreciate all of you
who have followed my journey

Many things have changed in the past four years

We had made a move in February of 2009 
and were living in our travel trailer
Shhh..............don't tell hubby I miss living in this thing
sometimes! I also miss living in East Texas, but 
life changes and you adjust and you find happiness
because there is a reason for everything!
I love where we live at now
And will soon hopefully be even happier,
when I get more room so I can clear
out some clutter in this little Red House!
some have asked if I will share
pictures of the little building I will be claiming
as my little studio and guest room, Yes I will

*Patience is not penciled in on my calendar*
Nope I double checked it is nowhere to be found
in all of the Twelve months :o)

I am so ready to get this project in motion
Of course after working all day everyday
Hubby *Mr Rusty Thimble* is not all too
excited about working all evening, the heat is back in
Oklahoma this week, it should cool down soon 
And there are always road blocks
We were going to Lowe's to pick up some things
when hubby got home from work yesterday
but they called him on his way home and he had
to turn around and go repair something!
he does have a few vacation days he will take
the first week of September, so maybe just maybe
I can get him moving along, and MOVING out of my
Little Studio building

Have a wonderful day


  1. Bless Mr. Rusty's heart. When it's hot it saps all your energy. I'm sure all good things will happen if we wait.
    Big Hugs

  2. Happy belated blogoversary! Wishing Mr. Oliver a happy birthday also. 'Already some cooler weather here in Alabama, which is not typical for August :)

  3. Happy anniversary! I know I sure enjoy your posts! Maggie

  4. Happy belated blog anniversary Brenda! The first birthday is so special♥ Love those shade trees! Have a great day ~*~Lisa

  5. I still haven't gotten my house organized the way I want, not sure I ever will, lol. I want to do things but hard to do much before I crash, so trying to get rid of the clutter so I can organize and enjoy using my work spaces. Hopefully you can get your space back and enjoy creating in your room.


  6. Great post my friend.......can't find patience on my calendar either! Mr. Oliver is a cutie, miss those days when my grands were that little!
    I haven't made a blog post in months because there is always another "plan" for me and I sure miss all my blog buds. So glad I took that plunge too or I'd never have met you my dear friend and so many others!
    Bless you Brenda.

  7. Happy anniversary dear..I truly love your post :)
    Big hugs x

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! Here if I remember to look at the calendar that would help me lots!!!! :) OLM

  9. It will be so worth the wait.


  10. All good things come to those who wait! It will happen soon and it will be so worth it!!!
    I have lots of things scribbled on my calendar but sometimes I forget to look ~ I need a calendar to remind me to look!!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Prim Blessings


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