Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Still creating.....something happened to my Speed?

Good Afternoon
Wow ok so in life you turn down different roads

you slow down?? I stopped creating for too long
I can not seem to readjust and put myself into a faster mode?

But I am sort of enjoying this 
I seem to be so involved in my ideas for a room I have waited
for for so long, that I find my mind wondering away from my
projects I am working on

I have been searching on Pinterest for ideas
for my room
I am so building one of these out of galvanized
pans, and I will make mine a lazy susan that turns!

I have so many plans drawn out
now if I can just get hubby moving 
so he can empty my building I will be set to go!!
I will have a work station away from a wall
so I can manage to utilize both sides of it
and I want to hang a screen door over it 
for *no not pots and pans but to hang baskets 
for storage, these are all ideas
I have snatched from pinterest!!

you may be able to click to read my notes on this collage

In other news I have new pics to share of 

Miss Vada, she is such a doll

And little Oliver who will soon be One

Hope you are all adjusting to kids back in school
those that will soon start, and summer drawing to an end

Now I can handle Fall but someone can Keep Winter 
SIGH........Oh I love Christmas
And I can only imagine decorating my new
craft building for the holidays

AGAIN, if I can only get hubby in action so
I can start preparing my building for my 

In other news...........
I am having a facebook giveaway again
I am almost completely out of the curly 
sheeps wool for these so this
I am giving one Sheep away 

And my current blog giveaway is
for one of the only two Pumpkin gals I have left this year

I suppose to I need to get back to the items
I am painting
Hope you have had a wonderful day



  1. It's fun to hear from you and see what you're working on. I wish I was on Facebook...I love your cute sheep! Have a good afternoon my friend! Hugs!

  2. planning a new room must be so exciting.

  3. OMGosh! Those clever people on pinterest. Such cool ideas.
    Hey, it's okay to slow down a little. My DH and I have taken heed to our bodies letting us know it was time. It's working out well for us :)


  4. So much fun.
    Slowing down is good for the soul sometimes.
    Happy dreaming and creating talented friend.
    Woolie Blessings

  5. Hi Brenda, looking on Pinterest is great, gets my decorating juices flowing......Slowing down is good too....Oh those kiddies are so adorable, sweet angels.....Love the curly sheep too, Happy Creating, Francine.

  6. Love your ideas for your craft space. I am starting to clean out, throw out and move out stuff from the room I will be making a craft/computer/guest room. I stealing that screen idea!

  7. Good luck with your craft space. I'm with Diane on this, not being a Facebooker either. But that sheep is darling!

  8. When you get your studio you will have to work faster then...........

  9. I'm so excited for your new space! C'MON MR. RUSTY THIMBLE! LOL! Your little ones are so precious, Brenda, and that curly wool is so cool! Have fun pinning & dreaming! ~*~Lisa

  10. I think planning is half the fun! And there's just so much inspiration on Pinterest, it's easy to get drawn in and then hard to let go. Good luck on your new space!

  11. Hi Brenda, I love all of your storage ideas. Your little grandbabies are just darling! Love your creations as always! hugs, Lecia

  12. I always love reading a post from you, Brenda. How exciting your new craft building is going to be. And, how cute are those babies??!!??
    I am going to be a Gramma in November, a baby boy. It's my first grandbaby. It's been a tough road for my daughter, it seems to finally be right this time. She's due in 12 weeks! Any pointers? Hugs, Susan

  13. Behind on my blog reading--looks like I missed out on your wonderful giveaway. Love your pumpkin man!


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