Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Winner of my giveaway and changes

Good Morning Friends
Well yes I have been totally missing in action
I have not been online much at all the past few days
will explain at the end of this post
I apologize for being so late in announcing the winner of my giveaway
The Winner of all of the Sheep is
*wait first I want to say a Big thank you to the greatest friends online*
you have signed up and followed me for oh so long, 4 years this August!!
And without you I would feel like I had no friends at all!!
Wish I could send each of you a Great gift
and Now for the winner
congrats Denise on winning if you see this before I contact you
please send me your address, it will take me a few days to get them shipped
I am shipping the last three orders I have going out today
I apologize for not getting them out sooner, LIFE changes have
caused me to back up and look at things differently.
And now for Changes!!!!! Life can sure throw you changes along the way
Still have not got the foot fixed, the foot that kept me up until 3:28 AM
this morning, With the worse pain ever!
first night I have actually just sit and cried about it!!
I have to go to a foot specialist, just waiting for an appointment to be
set up with one by my regular doctor.
The one that threw me a curve ball last week, and has been
throwing them at me ever since *SIGH*
things that have caused me to spend a few days
planning some much needed changes.
for those that I know, if you comment today I will respond
with what is going on, there seems to be a peeper that reads
my blog, one that I do not want to share info with, one that
could not be an honest, Good individual in this world if they had to.
this One that has finally stepped over a line that can not be crossed again.
sorry to just toss that out there, but sometimes in life
you have to step back and realize what is causing you issues in life
so that you can control your health and happiness!!
And if you are reading this by chance this morning
*everything you hate and complain about, is exactly how you
live and what you do to others* still praying for you
With that hubby and I have decided together that I am no longer
going to take orders, I have to control my stress...........so
after this shipment I will be changing everything and only offering
items that are made and ready to ship!!
** yes I will still sew, it is what I do, it is what I love **
yes I will still offer giveaways, I love doing them, so be sure
and continue to follow along
I will now have time to finish many started projects to list them
Am I happy about these changes, NO!!! but I have to live with them
For Now.................


  1. Hope your foot is better soon Brenda. Sounds like you could use a little R&R so stepping away from the custom orders is probably a good thing right now. Congrats to Denise on her win. I won a set of your sheep last month. They look adorable sitting on my Grandma's antique sewing machine. Thank you!

  2. Feet problems are the most frustrating - in my opinion. Just stress to your doctor the fast need to get in to be seen by the specialist. Make sure to describe the level of pain and see if that helps.

    And sorry that you are going thru struggles - life is ever a hard challenge at times.

    Hope things get better


  3. Hi!!! I hope your foot gets fixed soon....I hope everything else gets better soon too!!! It is sad that there are people out there that want to hurt other people....sending hugs and prayers..

  4. So sorry your foot is not better but you need to get it taken care of. I support your decision about orders. Brenda please take care of yourself first.

    Sorry about the bad person. Seems like they are everywhere and never change.

    We all have to make changes in our lives sometimes. I've made a few these past few months too. I always feel is one door closes another one will open up.

    Take care
    Hugs Felicia

    PS Congrats to Denise and thanks for offering your great giveaway's.

  5. Oh dear..I hope you feel better soon..
    Sending hugs and prayers x

  6. Congrats Denise! Great giveaway Brenda, Valerie

  7. {{{Brenda}}} So sorry you are dealing with so much pain in your foot! I hope you are able to get your appointment soon so they can begin working to help you out. I know you aren't happy about the changed you need to make, but maybe at some point when things are getting better you can begin to take orders again. The most important thing is to take care of you!!

  8. Oh No Brenda. Doesn't sound good. Sorry about that bad foot. I know first hand how hard it is to deal with pain. And our doctors are good at throwing kinks in our lives. Mine did when I went for my yearly check up last week. But we are WOMAN and we will survive. Sending a hug and prayer your way. And congrat. to Denise on her win.

  9. Hello Brenda So sorry you are having real foot problems. They can be very painful. I say, " Take good care of you " and everything else will fall into place.I know Denise will Love her prize. You do the most amazing work on ALL your giveaways. Thank-you for sharing. I do hope everything works out for you. I Love reading your blog....Marg

  10. Yes you've needed to slow down for awhile. It's going to take you awhile to get used to it. When I quit wholesale I totally felt lost, but you ease back into life and realize all the simple things you've been missing. Keeping you in prayer. No fun being in pain. Hugs! Amy

  11. I hope you get your feet sorted! Health and well being is really important. Please continue to blog, I enjoy this blog! I hope whoever is causing you stress leaves you alone! I do believe that, what goes around comes around. Take care, Michelle

  12. Congratulations to Denise!
    I hope your foot problem resolves itself, not fun being in pain and stress is a good thing to avoid.


  13. Stress is a horrible word! The effects of it are even worse. Take time to heal. We will all be here.

  14. You need big Hugs. They are coming your way from Australia. I hope the can fix your foot.
    Now you have made your decision the worst part is over. Just sew what you feel like.

  15. Congrats to sweet Denise!
    Shame on your blog stalker. It's so sad that there has to be bad folk like that who aren't happy in life and just have to rain on good folk's parade.
    I'm so sorry to hear of your pain and pray you can get into the doctor soon. Do you have any crutches? Maybe you're already using them, but if not, you should use them when you're walking to help alleviate any stress on your foot.
    I wish you the best my friend. You've been a tougher cookie than I could ever be. Lessening your load will help you to get better quicker.

  16. Brenda,
    I have feet and knee problems...and I know that it is no fun to be in pain. Hope you can get your problem taken care of soon and be pain free.
    I won one of your give-a-ways several months ago and I just love my little pillow tucks.

  17. Congrats Denise!
    So sorry to hear you are dealing with such pain, hoping you get relief and healing in your foot.
    Let the ones go who live for grief, life is just too short to cause misery and to deal with those who do.

  18. Congrats Denise!
    So sorry to hear you are dealing with such pain, hoping you get relief and healing in your foot.
    Let the ones go who live for grief, life is just too short to cause misery and to deal with those who do.

  19. oh brenda. praying that your foot is well soon. so sorry the one person is bothering you. why can't people just be nice. i love reading your blog posts. praying for you, prim blessings.

  20. Good morning Brenda. Congratulations to the lucky lady who won your gorgeous giveaway. I'm so sorry about your foot, and hope it gets sorted out soon. I'm also sorry someone has caused you problems on your blog. I hope you get that sorted out too. luv and Blessings

  21. sorry to hear that but there has to be in every crowd.hope your foot gets better soon. denise

  22. I hope your foot gets better soon!
    Take care of yourself.

    Congrats Denise!

  23. Oh Brenda I am still praying for your foot and all that other extra stress that is put on you...there are just some people that HAVE to make it hard on others and you are right...it's because they are hating themselves too! Darn that person.

    Goodness you are taking a huge step aren't you (oh my I just realized what I said...kind of sounded like a 'foot pun' lol...sorry bout that...)
    I can understand your changes with the business end - but like you I could not just give up sewing...it is ME.

    Now....CONGRATULATIONS TO DENISE....well deserved win and thank you Brenda for always being so kind and generous.

    Blessings and many, many prayers.

  24. Hope you get some relief soon from your foot pain, Brenda. I enjoy your blog and seeing the things you make. Take care of yourself; that is the most important thing, to be healthy and happy.


  25. Sorry to hear that your foot is giving you so much pain again! I sure hope you can get in to see a dr soon for it! I am also sorry that so much stress is causing you to have to rethink your business and how you do things! I am praying for you and your family for better days! Take care of yourself that is the most important! Sometimes we need to clean out the so called friends out of our lives so we can be healthier mentally and physically! The haters in the world just need to grow up! Stay happy!


  26. YAY, CONGRATS to Denise!! What an adorable sheep!
    The break will be good for you, Brenda. I only take a few orders and NEVER on any of my sewn items. Just takes all of the fun out of it. Crossing my fingers that the docs can help you with your foot/pain. Sorry for the 'peeper'. Some people just don't have anything better to do :/

  27. Thank you so much Brenda!!! I am so excited that I won your adorable sheep! I sent my mailing address.
    So very sorry I didn't respond sooner, I am on vacation at the seashore and just checked my emails.
    Sending hugs for your latest troubles. xxx

  28. I'm thinking of you and missing you:( Dealing with a lot of curve balls myself lately!!!!!!


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