Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Orders traveling out the door finally and injuries

Good Afternoon to you all
for those that I know that are in Colorado
I pray for your safety and your homes
for those in the east that are expecting such horrible storms
please stay safe, hugs and prayers for you
I have finally been shipping boxes and more boxes out the door
after all that I have stressed over lately,  It does feel good to
get this stuff done, I was so worried about it all
and now for the injuries
as most know I will be visiting the doctor tomorrow for my foot
NOT looking forward to that appointment at all
About three years ago for Valentines day my hubby gifted me with this
It came with it's case and an extra set of bits that I often use
*and break* for drilling holes in rusty items, or in wood
well three years ago I had an accident
still have no feeling in the fingernail
yes I put that bit straight thru my nail in the top and out the side
of my finger, I broke the bit and had to pull it out of my finger!
this morning *SIGH* I drilled a hole in my thumb??
I am doomed I tell you, I am accident prone and apt to
do more damage before it is over with
before I let the bit enter the spot on my thumb I
guess I reacted from past thoughts and pulled away
just making it enter into the skin so it wasn't bad
* just a patch of raw MEAT!!*
but hey now I am sporting a camouflage band aid on
my thumb and feeling like a tough ole gal
I did not let it stop me, I have boxes ready for tomorrow
and more to finish tonight *SMILE* 
and for your info no blood was shed on product!!
Hubby called me today (right after said injury occurred)
and asked what I was doing
my response: I am bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!
hubby: WHAT???? do I need to bring more band aids home?
me no I may need more drill bits though
His response I bought you a vice to use for that!!
(vice is in my drill case DUH)
my reply: well at least I did not break the bit off
I don't have another one
He says he will bring me more home
The end of our conversation
*I placed the drill up to the phone and ran it a little
and told him I needed to go I have work to get done*
He laughed and said he would put the vice up tonight
on our deck so I WILL!!!!!! use it.............haha!!
I have wounded myself so many times in my line of work
I just seem to ignore it and go on?? GEE I love what I do LOL
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  1. You are one tough cookie my friend! Sorry, but I did chuckle over the convo between you and hubs! Now, USE the vice will you!?
    You won't believe this but there was a tornado warning for the area in which my daughter lives!!!!! I about flipped when I, on a fluke turned the TV on this afternoon and saw the warning areas......can't get a hold of her; warning has passed now. What is up with all that is happening around this country anyway?
    Take care~

  2. So glad you are seeing a doc about the foot. So sad about your drill thrill. I am a walking accident also. I am always dinged up somewhere! Sometimes a vice is a good thing.

  3. I too am accident prone and I wouldn't go anywhere near something that drilled. Hope it doesn't hurt too much or get infected.

  4. Oh my Brenda, poor you...but I am the same way, always hurting myself.......Hope all goes well for you, Francine.

  5. Yes, there is someone who is more accident prone, than I am, lol.


  6. Ok lady you need to please be very careful. We don't want you losing any fingers here.
    Hope it heals real fast. Good luck at the Dr. tomorrow.


  7. Remember the boy in the plastic bubble? You're so going to be Brenda in a bubble soon. Your hubby needs to wrap you up in bubble wrap for protection. Maybe he should pick you up some work gloves for reckless drilling. We could all pitch in and get you a hard hat, safety glasses, bullet proof vest ... :) Take care of that foot girlie! Glad you are going to the doctor.

  8. All of us girls that do craft have so many tools. I know just how you feel. Sometimes to go out to the vice in the shed takes tooooo much time, so the thought goes(It will be quicker if I just hold it). Take care and be safe. I hope the Drs. appointment goes well.

  9. Oh dear..I hope all goes well for you..
    Hugs x

  10. Glad to hear you are getting yourself to the Doc's office, Brenda. I've watched too many people put things off and wind up with diseases that they could've prevented. I'll be thinking of you and praying for a good outcome.

  11. Has it really been 3 years already since the finger incident?! You were due I guess...luckily (knock on wood) my accident prone days of a couple months ago are gone. Good luck at the doctor and BE CAREFUL!

  12. This is why I cannot go near power tools! I am so clumsy I have accidents all the time! I am lucky I have not sewn myself yet!

  13. Oh. My.Gosh.!!! Are you accident prone??? Bless your heart- if I did that I'd probably not get over it-- you are a brave girl!

    I have to say-- I admire that you can operate that thing-- no power tools for me!!

    Thank you for your visits and comments-/ I appreciate you so much--xoxo

  14. Oh my goodness! I know how you feel! I went to my sisters the other day for a swim and some inspiration, we made little tiny primitive pumpkins, enough to fill a bowl. That helped because it was different from the endless stitching. Maybe you just need tiny pumpkins!


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