Monday, June 10, 2013

I am still Here.... Somewhere?

Good morning everyone
Gee I have not posted in awhile
Have not updated much of anything online
But I am here still alive, but recently you would think
I am totally lost, because I have a problem even locating myself
these days. I am behind, behind and struggling to climb out
of this hole I have recently found in life!!!
Everyday last week begin with black clouds rolling in
and major rainfall.........I think Oklahoma has had it's share of
weather this year throughout the state!!
But now it is all calm, and the days are back to normal?
how normal well apparently we will see our temps rise this week
it will be in the high 90's here today!
What else has been happening
Miss Vada turned One on the 4th Of June
my youngest son turned 30 on the 8th of June
Hello I am old!!! *Sigh*
now if you want to avoid the following you can because
the picture is not a pretty one LOL
some of my friends know I have a bad foot?
have had for about 4 years now
not sure if it is a past injury or the knot I now have
on the ball of my foot which was in the arch for years of my life
see the difference in the size of my *beautiful* UGLEEeeee feet!!
*guess I could of washed them first I have been out on the deck
IT has caused me so much grief and pain!
yes I have been crying like a baby
I have had a bad foot problem before and endured the uncomfortable
life of a cast for months, and I fear the worst When if I go to the doctor
I just keep putting it off, but now the swelling is in my leg so I am worried
about a blockage of some kind??
I have picked up my phone a dozen times in the last couple of hours
to make that appointment
the one that will drain my funds *without insurance*
about a year ago I had an x-ray only to be told they would have to do
an MRI.............HELLO, really and how much did you say that would cost?
seems they think the knot is attached to a tendon, which would require surgery
if not it can be removed in a doctors office???
I would say with the strain that is on it, it must be attached as I can hardly
flex my foot without an a great deal of pain!!
*SOBBING here* sorry I had to cry on someone's shoulder this morning
And it really is the pits not being able to get out and walk around much
ok off of my Pity party
Have a wonderful week


  1. I cannot imagine living in an area with tornadoes, would be scared to death. I sure hope your foot is not too bad and really hard if you don't have insurance, even with it, we end up paying for things. I am getting cracked heels and it is like someone sticking pins in my heels, so I need to get to the beach and walk in the sand and salt water, that always helps.


  2. Miss Vada is just a cutie! Sounds like you have been busy. So sorry about your foot pain. I know that must be terrible. Hoping you get some relief soon without breaking the bank. :)

  3. Been thinking and praying for you my friend, just haven't bugged you with messages. You know I'm here.........sweet little Vada is so cute and HB to your son too!
    I know you've had this foot issue for a long are much like me with putting things off. I can hardly walk most days because of the knees and arthritis in them. Praying things will work out for you and your loved ones.

  4. Yes, our state has had some nasty weather BUT this week is clear here and the HEAT has come.

    I'm concerned about your foot swelling. I had a friend that had an arm do that. I'll have to ask her what she did to help.

  5. I'm concerned about your foot too. It must be hard to decide what to do now.


  6. Hi Brenda,
    Vada is beautiful! Happy birthday to your dear son~ My daughter's birthday is tomorrow and I'm having a big family party for her. Been cooking today for it.

    Please take care of that foot. If you go into the situation and tell everyone I have no insurance and don't have the funds to pay much they should help you along. We were without insurance for 3 years and needed lots of medical help and they did give us low costs!~ Just be up front and tell them that!

    Keep us posted on your foot and I'll be praying with you about it! ♥♥♥

  7. Oh Brenda, your foot looks so sore, I feel for you...hope you find some relief soon.....Sweet little Vada, so cute......My Son is in his Thirty's, yikes, me old too.....nice Walleye anyway......Pray all is well for you, Hugs Francine.

  8. Wow how fast a year goes by seems like just a few months since you were showing us newborn pics.She is just adorable! I so know where you are with no insurance.The bad thing is even when you do go to the drs they seldom do anything for you to really benefit you or take no consideration what a burden it is finacially and keep running you in circles.Hubs has insurance and waited 7 months to finally get treatment well they never called to schedule so after another month we called and they accidentally deleted him from the system.Sending up prayers.Maybe if you went to a regular foot dr he might be able to treat it better.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Hope you are able to get some pain relief soon.

    Glad that the weather situation in Oklahoma seems to have calmed. So scary watching the news reports. Lots of prayers said for your state.

  10. it's ok to sob Brenda. Hope you can get it taken care of though before it gets much worse.


  11. Bite the bullet and go to he doctor. Hopefully the cure will be simpler than you think.
    My heart goes out to you, and your friends living with the threat of cyclones all the time.
    It's good to cry on friends shoulders.

  12. Glad to see you posting, and hope your foot feels better soon. I know what its like not having insurance, have you checked with your county? we didn't have any either, but found help with the county system here.

  13. Hope you get to feeling better. It's not fun having feet problems. A person shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg every time they need to see a doctor, it's just now right.

  14. Thanks for sharing your family pics, Brenda. Dear Lord, your foot looks painful from HERE, I can't imagine the pain you must be in. MRI's are crazy expensive, about $800 or around there somewhere. I wish I could take one for you! I hope you get to the doctor soon.

  15. First, Vada is a cutie-pie - give her a b-day kiss. Second, I am sure all of us young people in our fifties have that "Oh, no, he's thirty!" moment. Third, get your foot looked at by a doctor who knows feet. Careful in those storms!

  16. I know that it's hard to spend money on yourself and medical costs are outrageous. But go and do it. They have a lot of discounts if you don't have insurance and will work out payment plans. It is not going to get better and you deserve to feel as good as you can and your family probably worries so much about you. Bite the bullet and go. Sorry to go on, I just hate to think of you dealing with pain on a constant basis.

  17. Hi Brenda...glad you are okay after all the storms - I can't imagine the fear every time a storm appears on the horizon.
    Goodness you have had your share of pain with that foot - it really is swollen.
    You know - pain takes one down not only with 'pain' but mentally too...believe me I know!!
    I guess I'm saying go get it taken care of - it's not worth struggling - pain causes other effects too.
    I'll pray you come up with a solution dear friend.

    How sweet is Vada! She's a month older than our youngest granddaughter - she'll be one on the 3rd of July. A little late Happy Birthday to her.
    And to your son! You are not old lady until your youngest turns 45! Yep, my baby will be 45 in Aug!!!

  18. Good to know you're still alive..Keep in touch


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