Thursday, May 30, 2013

The thunder rolls

Good Morning, I love early morning thunderstorms
at least the heat of the day has not turned them yet into
something Nasty, hateful and mean *Sigh*
Hoping everyone is ok after all the many tornados that were
reported yesterday, wow what a crazy spring
another round this afternoon and evening in fact yet for a couple
more days! This mess can move on through and it will,
I just pray that is gets over without so much loss
This sunflower is so much better in person
They are out of a Wool blanket I purchased online
I did manage to venture out last Friday to the community
garages sales here at the lake, did not find much
One only real great deal I got was a Very old
100% wool blanket for santas!! *Smile*
I was so thrilled to find it!
Been creating fall and wow can we say Christmas
I normally do not start on Christmas items until
the end of July, but I have several orders for ornaments?
Just not ready to think about Winter *not yet*
I have so many new pillow tucks and as soon as I get a little more caught up
I will be posting all of those
don't forget my blog giveaway
Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. Wonderful new pieces. Heat is going up today, so stuck in the house for a few days, good time to make some things.


  2. Love your new sunflowers and especially the new raggedy pillow tucks! Oh how cute they are. Glad you are keeping busy and continued prayers for Oklahoma folks.

  3. Maybe you should think about winter Brenda...its safer than spring and summer.


  4. I need some of those Raggedy ann tucks for my dollies! Very sweet my friend! Enjoy your day. Hope those bad storms are all over!

  5. Hi Brenda, wonderful new goodies, love the black kitty, so prim perfect.....willow on over to your Etsy, Francine.

  6. Hi Brenda, It is amazing what you can create and come up with! I so admire that~!

    I watched the evening news tonight and OK sure has terrible clouds and weather again. Do you ever get use to that? Once in a life time would be enough for me! ♥♥♥

  7. Love your new creations Brenda. We had 6 tornadoes touch down here in Michigan a few counties to the North of us yesterday...I hate this time of year. Janice

  8. We had thunderstorms here last night and OH Colby does not like them.....he just pants and shakes. I have found that putting him in his crate with a blanket draped over it and then moving the crate next to me helps some.....I hate when he gets like that...scars me. I don't even want to think about fall/winter painting....BUT I should!!!

  9. The new items are so pretty, especially the sunflower :)

  10. boy,it's been a nasty spring for you. glad you're ok! love the andy tucks. denise

  11. Morning
    The weather..ugh
    So sad and scary.
    Praying everyone is safe.
    On a brighter note I LOVE YOUR NEW SUNFLOWER!!
    Woolie hugs to our talented Friend

  12. Love your new creations, Brenda.
    So Sorry about the weather you are having.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  13. We've been somewhat glued to the weather channel and see that your state is getting hammered. We'll be right on the edge of it this weekend.
    As always, I love your products and the excellent quality you put into them. Good luck to the gals in the giveaways!
    Stay safe,

  14. Hi Brenda, early morning thunder storms sound so nice. We get the very hot mornings, hotter afternoons, and then the storms roll in at around 3:00 nearly every afternoon starting August. We don't necessarily get rain with them though. I was just thinking of you this morning as I am planning to put out my Americana things for the Summer. I have a wonderful Liberty Pocket and the cutest pillow tuck from you. I always smile when I see them. Thanks again. All your creations are just the most beautiful things. -Steph-


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