Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WE Need the Rain but!!

My body is certainly not enjoying all of this rain
we are in such bad need of!!
oh my word, I have aches and pains and Pains and OH well Sigh!!
and I am hoping it contiunes to Rain........I will keep taking my Aleve
and rubbing yucky stuff on my achy pains *Smile*
My giveaway on the Rusty Thimble Facebook
It is for the box and homespun stars
I also added my April Specials to my Etsy shop this morning


this months special is for groupings of three pillow tucks

don't forget you can go down to the next post and sign up
the the Americana makedo giveaway on my blog this month

Yes I am creating Americana pieces right now
but wait, there are elves going on to ??
I am confused at what season it is LOL
Have a wonderful day


  1. I think you work in your sleep!LOL
    I hope your aches go away soon.Send your rain here, I want it to melt all this snow!!

  2. It's raining here too :)
    Big hugs x

  3. Oh Brenda you do such beautiful work, and to do giveaways is so special! I know what you mean about the rain...we too need it but messes with my body also.

    Blessings and I pray for a better day for you,


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