Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Birds are singing

Good Morning
As I am sitting here typing I hear the sweet sound of birds
singing out my window, oh I love mornings when the birds sing
and evenings when I hear the crickets and frogs
Yes this is SPRING!!
Above photo used from the internet
my favorite bird is the Hummingbird I love to watch them
it amazes me at how tiny and fast they are

A lake heron down on the docks

and yes our Roadrunner is back this year
these guys are so funny to watch and Hard to capture a picture of
Shelby and Rango will stand with their heads thruough the picket fence
and just watch them for the longest time!

to visit that post and sign up by the end of  March
I will give three of these away on my blog to three winners
Have a Wonderful day
I really need to take this Coffee Energy to my work table *Smile*


  1. Oh my Brenda, I love humming birds too! They re amazing aren't they? But that Roadrunner is something else...we have never seen one before! What part of the country do they live in?

    Happy Spring!

  2. That roadrunner sure would be fun to see. I haven't seen one since I lived in New Mexico! Enjoy your day my friend! Happy sewing!

  3. Will you please send Spring here? I love your pictures.

  4. It sure didn't feel like spring here this morning. It was freezing! Love the hummingbird. Love to sit on my mom's front porch and watch them come to her feeder. Have a blessed day.

  5. Oh I can just imagine sitting on that dock enjoying some warm

  6. Happy spring Brenda. Still cold and snowy here. Do those loons call like the other loons. Love to hear their calls.


  7. We are getting more rain and snow later today, ugh.
    I love that you live on a lake, my dream and of course I want mine in the mountains, lol.


  8. Oh Brenda, sounds heavenly, lucky you......Love the pictures, no sign of Spring here....Blessings Francine.

  9. Hi!!! I love your birdie pics!!! Thank You

  10. Brenda...check out this link & you can watch a live stream of a hummingbird's nest. The babies are about ready to fly!!

  11. Wish the birds, frogs and crickets were singing here in Michigan...we got more snow. UGH. My mom has hummers and they are cool to watch. She even has one that is so mean, he chases the others away at her feeder. Janice

  12. Ah Brenda, it's good to see you stop and smell the roses so to speak. I really never appreciated nature's beauty until I was older. Now I get overwhelmed by it all and that's just what's in my back yard... lol.

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