Saturday, March 16, 2013

I want WARMER temps~Sigh~

Good Morning
so I go running down the road in excitement because
There is a yard sale!!! Well of course it was a bust
nothing that I needed or wanted
and the sunshine outside is decieving it is cool and breezy out there!!
I am so looking forward to the first real warm
FLIP FLOP kind of day so I can fly out of here and garage sale
for awhile, and possibly find one worth a darn to go to!! SIGH
Winners were announced this morning on the
congrats to all the lucky ladies
And a Big thank you to the team members
It is a great team and I am enjoying being a part of it!
My March giveaway is still running and will until the end of the month
I will give away three of these to three blog followers all you have to do
I am also giving away three on The Rusty Thimble Facebook Page
As most of you know I run giveaways on Facebook every once
in awhile I am thrilled that there are so many that have shared and signed up
This little guy has gone Viral on Facebook! with almost 13,000 views
and that is because the ones that have signed up have shared it on their
facebook walls!!! And I have sold so many of them
this is made by a Vermont Harvest Folkart Pattern and he is just
I am working on orders but I have another sweet little rabbit to share soon!!
Gotta love Bunny Season
Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Hi Brenda,
    I hear ya Girl Friend!!
    Yesterday was beautiful here, 74 and sunny.
    First warm day in forever!!
    Now it is gone today. :(
    Rain and snow flurries predicted for tomorrow.
    Say What!!?
    Oh, give me a break!
    Where the heck is Spring.
    Those warmer temps have to arrive eventually, Right??
    Sure hope so.
    I'm sure ready for those flip flops and Yard Sales. :)

  2. I DO love bunny season! I hope it warms up at your house soon! Sweet hugs!

  3. Oh I can hardly wait till flip flop season, still very much Winter here, yuk......Blessings Francine.

  4. I am hating this cold and just saw that next week will be more of the same. I just want it to get warm enough so I can go out for walks.


  5. Cute left a comment on facebook and here. Shelby Dawn is soooo cute :)


  6. I love, love, love prim bunnies...
    Thanks for this special opportunity~


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