Monday, January 14, 2013

She is Hogging the Blanket again!

Good Morning
wow it says is it 28* out there this morning
But I believe with the windchill it feels much colder then that

 Apparently Shelby is trying to tell me something
*Why did you let them cut my hair off* 
They are cold.......I have the heat on, but they hate winter as much as I do!!
They look so cute all brushed??? But since it turned cold they sleep under the 
covers at night now....and they wake up with Bed Hair *SMILE*

I marked this PILLOW down this morning
it is ready to ship, made from a vintage quilt and backed with a vintage 
chenille bedspread piece

I added a few new ones yesterday and have more on my work table
Buy 5 get one FREE.........yes you can use 

There will be two winners

Now Someone send some WARM air my way
Oh I am so ready for Spring time
And I know Shelby and Rango are!!

Have a Great day......I need to get to work


  1. Hi Brenda, the doggies look so nice with their hair cuts. My mom puts a sweater on hers!!!!! Nice of you to share your covers. No one gets mine:) It's 10 degrees here this morning. Just going to stay in (after I take the kids to school). Have a great day. -Steph-

  2. Good morning Brenda, the pups are so sweet with their hair cuts!Gretchen hogs all the covers,I keep an extra quilt hanging on the foot of the bed.LOL! I am missing the warm weather from last week.Lovely goodies you have for sale.Have a great Monday!Hugs,Jen

  3. Shelby and Rango must be used to warmth..Mollie is used to 60's and has a hard time in the summer..Hope you're feeling better and enjoying your new computer..

  4. Lots of wonderful pieces, I wish I could make things that fast but I tend to get stuck when my brain goes numb, lol.


  5. I have a special soft spot for Shelby and Rango, in having the pleasure of my schnauzer Niles for 11 years..
    Yours are just adorable.. My two poodles sleep all covered up in the winter.. Jasper always wakes up with flat bed hair on one side.. haaa.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Yours artwork is beautiful..

  6. I know what you mean Brenda. We had a little warm snap this weekend. 14c. which is 58c. it was nice. You could smell the earth which fools you into thinking Spring is coming. Of course this morning everything is frozen again.

    Pups look adorable. My three are covered in mud from the weekend.

    Have a great day, love your stuff!

  7. My little dog always sleeps under the cover.She won't go out side at all when its cold. Take care and hope your feeling better.

  8. What sweetie pies.
    I'm snow dreaming..
    Woolie hugs

  9. It was 60 here sat and now (mon) it's 19 with a wind chill of zero so I'm glad I haven't scheduled my little guys for a hair cut yet because like your they would be freezin too. I just love schnauzers they are the best and your two are super cute.

  10. Love the dogs, so cute.....your tucks are wonderful Brenda, I have only cold air here to, Blessings Francine.

  11. Things that make you go awwwww... So cute! Loving the tucks!

    Love and hugs, dear! It is cold and damp here!


  12. Brenda,

    We are cold here too... freezing rain saturday night.... and bunnies, I haven't even started... can one say soo far behind, no point in trying to catch up! OLM

  13. My 2 American Eskimo's don't get cold real fast but my 2 big Labs do since they have such short hair. And they also sneak up on the bed when they think I am asleep. Billy gets up before me every morning and when I wake up and roll over I can count on seeing a big black head on his pillow. They are very spoiled :)

  14. Brenda, I LOVE your furbabies. I understand when ours get their haircuts which is this Thursday, they will feel it when the go out to do their business but I put sweater's on them and they love them.
    We have 3 small poodles.
    I am the only one that does the caring for them, LOL. FUNNY isn't it. Our oldest poodle Mocha the is 16 yrs. old and lost his hearing and is getting old, but we got him when our boys were young and now Steve-o just tuned 21 in Dec. and is in college and our youngest just turned 18 also in Dec. and is a Senior this year.
    MY husband and I are dog , animal lovers.
    Your furbabies are to darn cute.
    Shelby is looking at you saying why are you taking a picture of me we just woke up!
    Thank you for posting your furbabies.
    Happy Crafting girlie.


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