Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cold, and my Head is too Full!!

Well yesterday we ventured out before 9 AM
took the dogs to the groomers, and went to a small town
that has an Amish Store.......oh my!!
We had pancakes this morning from their mix
with Fresh *YUMMY* Butter, from their store
And Maple Syrup, yes from there too
OH MY!! they had some wonderful things in that shop

I am now addicted to the Butter

 before Noon the temperature dropped BRRRR
and kept dropping, last night it sleeted and was bitter cold

so we bundled up this morning and I had to go get a new
Printer.......I wanted one anyway........and yesterday during
setting everything up I could not find my disc to add my printer!!
So I just finished setting all of that up

OH my..........everything is different, EVERYTHING!!
Normally I would love to learn all this new stuff
But right now I need to get busy on orders
So I am thinking this is going to be one of those late nights for me

adding some new tucks this afternoon

I am amazed at how fast this stuff is working
Wow I was doing things in the Dark Ages
as far as my computer was before now!!

Ok enough playing around, back to work for me


  1. wowwwwwwwwwwww so sweet..
    love for you x

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I love this, just stopping in to say Hi!
    Hugs and have a great day!
    Marilou xoxo

  3. Enjoy your new printer! LOVE your new tucks. So cute. Stay warm!

  4. Oh Brenda, blow some of that cold air this way. We broke a 123 year record yesterday and hit 76 degrees. About that today. Rain is on the way and they are promising cold temps by next weekend. Mr WInter where are you? Love your new tucks. Don't work too hard.

  5. I love the printed pillows, I did some a long time ago, but mine looked like rubber prints.


  6. Cold here to, brrrr...great about te computer, yey!!!! love the new tucks, so sweet, Blessings Francine.

  7. I am learning a new camera I am not so hot on learning new things.
    I love all of your little tucks.

  8. I think I shall go have a look see in your shop :) Blessings

  9. Hope your head is better my hubby is having this full head too.... going on 3 weeks. I need a new computer myself. Enjoy!

  10. Nothing like a new toy to help boost the motivation! Keep it up! It's all looking great!

  11. Hi, Brenda~~

    I am in the market for a new printer. What did you decide on ... tucks look great!


  12. You'll have all this new stuff figured out in no time. Your tucks are so so pretty... and tempting :)



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