Thursday, November 1, 2012

November, new speicals, this year is flying by

Good Morning
Wow November the 1st already
where has this year gone to?
Hope you all had a Wonderful Halloween with all the
little ghosts and gobblins
Still sending out prayers for folks on the East Coast

Remember if you have not signed up for this weeks Ornament giveaway

With every week you sign up you get extra chances for the following weeks

I am putting together the info email for you gals that are joining in on the ornament
giveaway the middle of November, and will send that out to you shortly
*Readers, on November the 12th we will have a week long giveaway*
with one winner winning many ornaments so get your name in weekly to
Get those extra chances!

 I have added my November specials to my Etsy Shop

for the month of November is you purchase from the section that 
the above link will take you to, you will see a listing
for a special buy, you can purchase three of the ornaments in the special section
and get your choice of One FREE *from that same section*

I still have some to add sometime today
Note..........not all of the ones pictured are included in the special
but most are I just have not had a chance to put together a new collage 
this year and they seem to be flying out the door as soon as I get them made up!
There is also another special running from now until the end of the year

All of my printed tucks are marked down until the end of the year
I have New ones to add there as well
I need an Assistant *sigh*

Miss Vada was a Cabbage Patch Kid for Halloween

Isn't She Sweet!!!
Have a great day


  1. aww she is such a sweet baby..
    biog hugs cucki xx

  2. cute outfit, she is adorable! I am excited to for the my ornie already made. :)

  3. Oh my! Miss Vada certainly is ADORABLE!!!! Have a wonderful weekend, Brenda!

  4. I love the pillows and like the sewing ones. I have a few old sewing items, so want to do a display with them. Vada is so cute, love it.


  5. What a great costume...she is just the cutest Cabbage Patch Kid ever!!!! TFS

  6. Miss Vada is absolutely adorable!!!

  7. Oh Miss Vada is so so cute, adorable......will check out your sales.....Blessings Francine.

  8. Perfect costume for Vada...what a cutie patootie!! And, yes, Happy November. Yikes - that word doesn't even want to be typed by my fingers...let alone spoken. I just want a do-over...perhaps for all of 2012??? ;o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. That's an adorable little one! Love your ornaments! Thanks for coming by the blog! Glad to meed another Okie! Be sure to enter my giveaway for lots of chevron and polka dot fabric!

    Cheery wave!

  10. Little cabbage patch is TOO CUTE!
    She is a cuite for sure!!
    Beautiful tucks as always!

  11. Aw Miss Vada is adorable!!


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