Sunday, November 4, 2012

A speical thank you, last day of this weeks ornament giveaway, and a TEASE

Good Sunday Morning to you all.....

First I want to extend a Big Thank you to Brenda of Cozy Little House

When I met Brenda online I jumped with joy just knowing
She was from East Texas, even though we did not 
meet when I lived there, I had missed East Texas so badly

And then when Brenda relocated to Oklahoma I thought we
even had more in common, we currently live at opposite ends of the state
What a shame, I believe we would enjoy living closer to each other.
we do have several things in common, so I enjoy reading Brenda's blog
She is so inspiring
She just recently started  A Blog about Blogging
And it is packed full of Wonderful information

a week ago Brenda made a Purchase from me
And yesterday she shared that Purchase with her Readers

She takes the most amazing photos
Thank you Brenda for sharing
And Thank you to Brenda's Readers for visiting me

Week #2 Ornament

Today is the last day to sign up for the Week #2 ornament giveaway
Remember if you sign up every week it adds an extra chance the next week
example: if you signed for for week #1 and #2 this next week when
I giveaway the following three ornaments and you sign up your name would be in
for three chances.........are you following me 
KEEP reading

Just a Tease below of the week starting November the 12th
I still have more photos coming in
That is correct for Week #4
I will be hosting a Blog Hop giveaway

And One winner will win All of the Handmade Ornaments that 

 the gals are giving away

AND yuck did we really change those CLOCKS??
I will be confused for a few days *SIGH*
I think I woke up every hour after midnight last night?
Why does time change always confuse me, it has all my life!!

Have a Wonderful Sunday
Remember those on the East coast in your prayers today


  1. Morning Brenda, will pop on over to visit Brenda on her blog......Please enter my name in the 2 nd week of your wonderful giveaway........What time is it?????? Tee hee. ......Enjoy the day,...Francine.

  2. me, me , me!!! sounds like you've made a wonderful new friend! I'll check out her blog, thanks! I got the clock thing covered, I sprung forward, hubby only had to pull me back 2 hours! so now we are good to go!

  3. Please enter my name in the 2nd week for the giveaway..
    i will check out her blog ..
    love cucki xxx

  4. I rather set them back, that way I am tired early so I don't get too off my time.


  5. Oh so exciting another sweet Brenda and a giveaway.
    Oh those clocks have me so tired already.

  6. Oh wow...can't wait to see who your new winnter will be. Love all the eye candy for the upcoming giveaway!!!! Will be tons of fun for everyone.


  7. Hey there girlfriend! We're back in Florida and happy to be home. I love Brenda in Tulsa, too! She is a special friend to me, too. Enjoy your evening! We had to eat a little earlier tonight! lol Sweet hugs!

  8. This whole clock changing thingy has me worn out.
    And I gained an hour?!
    It is 7pm and I feel like its midnight. ;(

    I'm all signed up already for week two. Can't wait to see who wins and excited for week three.
    And of course for week four, can't wait to see everyone's ornie donation.
    Quick question, if we are donating to week 4 can we still join in to win? Or should we sit out of that one??

  9. Wow!! Those are A LOT of ornaments! I could have my whole tree decked in prim in one year! LOL
    Be blessed,

  10. Hi Brenda~
    Sign me up for week 2 for the adorable ornament! Thanks so much!

  11. Too much excitement in one post! Will check back in tonight after class to see who the lucky winner of this irresistibly sweet guy is....and wow...that group giveaway is going to be on grand event. As for the clocks...I think I'm the only one who likes it...for some reason, I'm very successful in convincing myself that we gain an hour each and every day.....each morning when I wake up, I smile thinking it's really an hour later and feel like I just got away with something. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Clocks. Bleck. I am fine. Students are GRUMPPPYYYY! :) I don't like coming home in the dark!

    What is a blog hop? The ornaments look awesome! You could fill your tree with friends! I hope one of these days I can make something to contribute instead of just entering! Some day!

    Hope you are doing well, Brenda! Thank you again for being a giving person!

    Hugs and love!


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