Thursday, October 4, 2012

What are The ODDS

Good Morning everyone
I need to dig me out some warm clothing, they are saying
our temps will plummet starting this evening
So where did I put my Sweats at? SIGH
And DARN it I do not want to put my Flip Flops away !! LOL


Do you get excited about raffles
I remember as a child going to fall festivals and 
getting tickets to do stuff, games, etc.
I have purchased so many raffle tickets 
recently hubby got one for something ??
And the benefit of it was to help out a volunteer fire department?

So what are the odds at winning something
as defined  ODDS are the likelihood or probability of something happening
The ratio of chances in the number of people participating
A handicap or advantage

Why this post
WELL...........I am loving some of the emails, comments on this BIG GIVEAWAY
I have some entries that are in for 50 chances LOL!!!!

I wanted to make this giveaway FUN!!!!!!!!!!
I know that when I sign up for a raffle I look at the Big Hopper
and think hmmm, my tiny piece of paper in the big thing
What are the ODDS????
But then the purpose of the raffle it seems is always to help
out some organization so I really do not care if I win or not!
NOW when it comes to prizes I always think WOW the odds could be so 
much better I need more pieces of paper in that big old drum

THERE are 24 prizes 24!!!! WINNERS well 23 someone could 
possibly win twice on the $20.00 gift certificate
as of now there are 53 signed up
Think about that *you can only win one prize*!!!
So there can be MANY many entries and your odds are still GREAT 
so just comment if that is all you have time to do 
you can choose your odds on winning
And for some that may be one chance and that is fine too
One time I was with Hubbies cousin and she had one ticket in a hopper
of MANY and I be darned she got her name drawn out
She got to go up and play a big game to win MONEY
So one time is plenty to enter, sometimes the that is all it takes

The method I will use on this giveaway is this
** I have a file set up with all of the comments**
Say Sue does 24 and she is the first one to sign up
Well she gets numbers 1 through 24
And the list goes on
Then when it is time to choose winners
I will contact each gal *donating* and have them give me 10 numbers each between the numbers 1 and how
many entries there are, when I draw a winner if I draw her number again
She will not win twice on prizes
*darn it I hit publish LOL I am editing here MORE COFFEE perhaps?*
I will have the 240 numbers in a RUSTY *you knew that way coming* ole bucket
and that is what I will draw the winners from is the numbers I have
then I will match the numbers up to the entries

But when it comes time to do the drawing on the gift certificate
she can win that if I draw her number out again
*make sense?*

and sign up today all you have to do is leave a comment
Lady luck so to speak may be in your corner
with  just a comment

speaking of giveaways
I am doing another one, it is on my 
Be sure to go leave a comment on the picture
And if by now some of you do not know
I LOVE to give things away
I have truly been blessed in my business
with my followers with the wonderful friendships I have made online
You ALL brighten my days up
And mean so much to me
Have a Wonderful Day


  1. LOTS of great chances! On my way over for your FB Giveaway!!

  2. aww so sweettttttttttt..
    off to your facebook page..for this sweet giveaway..
    hugs cucki xx

  3. I plan on entering! Just haven't visited everyone yet. :)

    Entered your FB one, thank you!

    Blessings, Jessica

  4. All I can say is I'm glad you're in charge of this thing and not me! I cringe at crunching numbers! Keep up the good work! Talk about multi-tasking!!!!Hugs, Laura

  5. Brenda~ I thought I was the only one who thought about odds and of course luck.I think some people just have more sometimes that one ticket really does win.I knew a girl and her mom bought one million dollar lottery ticket and won.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Hi Brenda,sounds great to me, long as I get a shot at winning one of those great goodies. Blessings Francine.

  7. My parents are heading out your way to visit my sister. She just told them today it is 48 out there. It was about 80 here in PA today. Yikes! Temps are weird all over the country!

    I am going to go check out your FB!!!


  8. Totally understand!!!
    But what I don't understand is how you do it all!!!
    Do you ever sleep????
    Thanks for all you do!
    Prim Blessings

  9. Thanks for being so generous and sharing such a lot.


  10. Went over to your FB page and commented.

  11. Oh my you are so sweet..I think I need coffee cause I am confused.
    But you are so talented and we are blessed with ya here in bloggie land.

  12. Holy wow! It's good to take a chance once in awhile. Thank you for managing this big one Brenda.
    My good grief, I had to break out the footies to keep my little piggies warm... brrr.

  13. OK I am off today tonight to visit all of the sites to up my chances! It is an awesome giveaway and I thank you for all you do!
    Be blessed,

  14. Hi, Brenda~love your blog, you are very talented! Thanks for coming by my place, and for the follow. Hugs and blessings

  15. Fun for everyone! I'm many pretty things! I hope you can stop by my blog today and 'meet' some of my family...some of those 'boys' I'm always talking about! Sweet hugs!

  16. I still think you're nutty crazy... ;o) (But I love nutty crazy....) Smiles & Lucky Hugs ~ Robin


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