Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Snowmen, Snowmen, and More Snowmen

In the Meadow We can build a Snowman

FIRST we need some snow!!!!!!
*This guy is in the Winterwonder land giveaway, keep reading*
Frosty The Snowman

Good Morning................Can you tell what I have been creating lately
I am up to my ears in Snowmen

I'm Dreaming of a white Christmas
**Did I really just say that or Sing it?? Sigh**
Don't get me wrong I love to see snow
But just wish it would do it and be WARM
We had a taste of almost winter, oh my it only got down in the 40's
And yes I was complaining !!!! 
But now we are back up to the 80's??? with lows in the 60's at night!


It is ONLY 
76 days and 16 hours until Christmas
and well the minutes and seconds
BUT who is Counting????

So I asked Hubby last night if we were going to put up another
Live Big Tree
His response
We have a tree it has been up for months
*In a corner stands my little alpine for photos*
My response
~Well we will see, I asked wasn't it your idea last year for the real thing?~
So stay tuned and we will all see???

If you have not yet signed up for the
Winter Wonder Land Giveaway
Check out all the prizes one of them could be yours

All of the prizes are donated by many wonderfully Talented blogging friends

Now that I have finished my coffee I am on my way to my work table
after all I have many Snowmen to finish today
Have a wonderful day


  1. That burst of cold weather put you in the wintertime mood! Your snowmen are wonderful! Last night I went 'visitin' all the lovely ladies that are in the giveaway. WOW! There is SO much talent among the ladies we know! I can't wait to get all my pretties out from last year! Enjoy your week!

  2. Me, too, Brenda! Just cut out a few more this morning in anticipation of Christmas orders and gifts!! Fun to finally move on from Halloween!

  3. i love snowman so much..we are enjoying our summer weather here in south africa..i loving the fall and winter feeling on all the sweet blogs.
    big hugs xx

  4. Possible rain turning to snow tonight, Brenda. Want to get through Halloween first, LOL! Looking fwd to snowmen, and seeing your creations ~*~Lisa

  5. Hi Brenda, dusting of snow here, we can try and build a snowman, tee hee. Love all your sweet snowmen, how can you not. Happy crafting, Francine.

  6. Hi Brenda,

    Really love your snowmen. I did a snowman theme Christmas one year. :)

    And of course I am anxiously awaiting the snow.

    Have a great evening and a wonderful day tomorrow.

    Take care, Janet W

  7. Hi Brenda~

    It was nice to be able to stop in & visit some blogs today. Love your snowmen.

    Have a great night~Becky

  8. This is such a great giveaway Brenda! Love your snowman, Valerie

  9. you poor thing...80's with lows in the 60's..lol! It's been cold and windy here! I have leaves blowing everywhere and have yet to finish any outdoor fall decor!! I think it may just stay the way it is. Two loan scarecrows...poor guys! Lol..but it's already to cold to go out for me!!!! Katie

  10. I love Snow!
    I love snow but most of all your snowmen. :)
    Great job Friend.
    Let it snow Let it snow!
    Happy Fall


  11. Loving this giveaway Brenda!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  12. Your snowmen are all so adorable, each has its own little character:-) We've been having a cold spell over here the last couple of weeks and it's been so windy, the leaves are pretty much all on the ground now. We won't be seeing it in the 80's until next June now! lol

    I'm debating on a live tree or not this year as well. I guess it will all depend if we stay home for Christmas or go away...I don't like having a live tree if we're gone for Christmas. xo

  13. Lovin the snowmen!!!
    But I'm not looking forward to the cold weather ~ boy has it been cold here. YUK!
    I really need to get on the band wagon at get my Christmas goodies done!
    Happy Sewing!
    Prim Blessings

  14. I think I'm in love with the snowman who is sporting an extra long nose! so so cute.


  15. Lovin' your snow fellas Missy Brenda...the snow....not so much. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. I've really fallen for the snowman with the hair, so sweet. Thank you for the chance :)


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