Friday, October 19, 2012

Hmmm.......I want a REDO!!!!

YOU heard ME!!!

OH what a WEEK!!
I would like to redo this entire day 
I awoke to enough coffee to make me one CUP!!! ONE
ONE yes I will repeat it, not a GOOD start
Then I ran some errands
*Forgot to schedule a pick up for my boxes GEESH*
Let's just say I should of known better then to leave the house!!!
But hey I needed coffee for tomorrow and to mail my boxes
The rest is history the whole day was downhill from there!

Back home and Have I got some news to share with some of you
that I hear complain about your blogs, keep reading

BUT before I forget and if for some reason
*WOULD not surprise me at this point LOL*
I get lost in limbo land here ~SMILE~
Remember if you have not signed up for the 
Winter Wonderland Giveaway
HURRY go the link at the top of my sidebar and sign up before 
Monday morning when the winners will be announced

This guy has patiently been awaiting for a new Home
He is boxed up and ready to ship to whoever wins him
or you could win one of the many other prizes donated by many
talented Sweet!! Bloggers

 Now let me explain my computer still has a Slow mind
yep you can tell it where to go and if you are like me and impatient
and you opt to click on something else it will wait 
and wait
and wait somemore 
and then opt to go to the first thing you waited on FAR TOO LONG

Now I am a creature of habit
When I first started having blog issues I begin using Google Chrome
Well thru all this computer mess I have now lost my tool bar to Chrome 
so I can not go in and fix the issue I am going to discuss
The only option I have is to take chrome off and reload it BARF!!!!
That will use up so much broadband usage I will be back to SQUARE one
WHEW!!!!!!! Have I said how much I hate technology lately LOL

So I opted to use Mozilla Firefox for this post
Before doing it I wanted to edit a photo in Pic Monkey
Well Firefox informs me there is an issue,  *chrome never gave me the option to fix an issue*
the reason it crashes is because
if you have real time player and adobe flash both on your computer it will clash and
the end result freeze things up and crash
I go in and fix it on Firefox and hey
I am in Love fast fast easier to post just all around better!!!!

I am not a big fan of FireFox because I was spoiled to Chrome
having all of my sites at such an easy access to get to
But I know I can do the same with Firefox I just need to take some time 
to figure it all out.
For those of you that I still hear complaining about not being able to comment
or just having simple issues with you blogs or blogger, or image editors
I would for sure suggest you using Google Chrome, I loved it
Until I get a new computer I will use this instead
yes you can fix the issue in chrome as well
you can click on tools...........and disable real time player
Be sure you have adobe flash or a flash player on your computer
but do not have BOTH
It makes a world of difference in the performance of your computer
uploading photos faster, etc. 

LET ME explain do not fix your computers tool bar 
I am talking about the tools on a browser page
open Chrome or Firefox and click on the little wrench on Chrome
or tools at the top of Firefox and fix the issue there

I can not believe I have gotten thru uploading photos and posting with such ease
by the way I am drinking Coffee LOL
Have a wonderful weekend
think I'll take my broom for a spin !!!


  1. You are a god send or at least I hope you are. I use Google Chrome and I am going to my tool bar straight away.
    I am so glad you got that coffee, it made the message all the more clear.

  2. Oh my what a week. I have google chrome for this laptop, but didn't have trouble setting things up. But in the past I have had weird things happen with my pc...sometimes on full moon weeks!

  3. Wow Brenda, you sure enlightened me. I have been having such trouble, just like you explained what you've been going through. I've used google chrome for some time now and all of a sudden it disappeared!!! No tool bar!!!! Take about slow. OMG! it's the same with my computer. I wait and wait and wait.......go fill my coffee cup (cause I have some) ;-) put a load of laundry in and come back and maybe, just maybe the page I'm trying to get to will appear. I'll go mess around like you said. I posted today but what a time I had AND I gave up trying to get the "giveaway" link on my blog because I kept getting errors and freezing up crap. I wasn't saying very nice things to my old computer! $$ is way to tight right now for a new computer so I have to live with this one for a while. UGH! I thought I was going out of my mind til I read this. At least we'll be in good company right?
    take care,

  4. My head hurts just reading all that, lol! Katie

  5. I use Firefox but I write all of my posts in Windows Live Writer. It's a free download and you load all of your photos at once and don't have problems with spacing or anything. I write my whole post...plug in photos and his publish. I hope you don't fly away too far! lol Happy weekend!

  6. Hi Brenda...sure hope you have a better morning tomorrow....I have blog issues but I.m so new at this that I`m scared to try something else and screw up my blog....silly me.... Thanks for the tips though....Blessings Francine.

  7. Gotta have that coffee or the whole day ends up in chaos, lol. I use a mac and keep it simple, I don't like being aggravated by things that don't work or mess up, lol.


  8. I'm just happy that you know what you're talking about. I'm so technically challenged it takes me forever to figure out an issue. That's when I call the kids and yell, "help". I know the coffee will do wonders, and I hope you have a better week!

  9. sending you lots of hugs deary..
    have a lovely weekend xxx

  10. Brenda,
    Oooooooh! I am sooo sorry! I know what you mean about slow computers. My computers at school drive me nuts. It takes 5 minutes for the internet browser to pop up for the kids to access our website. SOOOOOO (even though I have told them many times) they get impatient and click the icon for firefox many, many, many times. Sometimes I come back and see 6 firefoxes in the bar at the bottom of the desktop. Ugh. Talk about slow then!

    I use firefox all of the time. I have never used Chrome because, well, we were supposed to use firefox at school because it is more secure, so I have never tried it. Hmmm. I don't think I will tempt it. Good information in case I do!!!!

    Ah, my dear friend, a morning when the coffee is low. Ugh... Not good.

    Blessings to you! Hope today will be wonderful and no do-overs necessary!!!!!


  11. Whaaa?? I use chrome. I guess if and when I have problems, I know who to go to :)

  12. Glad you got an easy fix until you get your new computer.
    To be honest I don't know tech stuff at all ~ I'm a button pusher if that don't work just press another button ~ LOL. So I didn't understand anything you said.
    Have a great weekend!
    Prim Blessings

  13. Oh no Brenda NO COFFEE that was the first sign you were havin a blah day my friend!! LOL I agree go get the coffee first and then everything will fall into place! LOL I am drinkin a cuppa of joe right now!! LOL Thanks for the ifo. And I bet you have the coolest primmed out witches broom!! You go ahead and ride it girl!! XOXO Love, Fran.

  14. Huh??? That sounds about as ugly as Lil' Crow's messed up knee. I started blogging with Internet Explorer (Hah!) - switched to Mozilla and wouldn't change for the world....well - ok, I still use IE for other stuff - but for blogging, I stick with Mozilla..... Love the broom....might have to take a ride together! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Wow, what a day. I hate Firefox. My DH uses it for his and I use Safari. I have not had any problems other that maybe a few times it has clashed and frozen. Thanks for the heads up on Google Chrome. We used it for a while too and then threw it out. I don't know why though:) -Steph-

  16. I use Google Chrome!! I am not that computer savvy, so I hope I don't have any problems. Keeping my fingers crossed. I hope you get everything taken care of. What a day you have had! I hope you have a better week! Take Care!!

  17. Congrats to all the winners :) Thanks to all the artists for their generosity, and a special BIG thank you to you Brenda for also organizing this extravaganza :)
    Smiles, DianeM


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