Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Whirlwind of a Week

Good Morning friends
Gee...........I will be so glad when this week is behind me
Yes I have been lost the past few days

TECHNICAL !!!!!!!!!!!! that is a good word to sum it up!

It begin on Monday, I scheduled to change my TV and internet service
Now I had it all planned and hoped it would go over without a hitch in it

Well it all has been changed
We are now the proud owners of two new satellites
Plucked right in our front yard 
Which is a temporary situation until we redo our carport 
Then they will be on the HIGHER roof part of it
Oh the joy of so many Tall Trees that block that little eye in the Sky!!

Don't forget to sign up for the Big Giveaway

The giveaway will be open until Sunday the 21st of October
And I will be HERE.........just not until then! UGH

BACK to the story of my Whirlwind
now before all of this started I already knew that
1. My computer is OLD, outdated, slow, basically a pain sometimes!
anytime a technical gadget reaches the age of 10 or more
it is just not up to par for the world today!!
2. It is past due time for me to take it to the Geek doctor and get it cleaned!
3. And I am not a Patient person when it comes to just how slow it is!!!!

LOOK at #2...........yes it is going in for a checkup today LOL
Because until I can go and get my New one
*yep I am jumping on board with better technology*
(until then!) I can not deal with this nightmare anymore
This all begin when I got a camera so I could visit with my kiddo's
that just insist that there is nothing better then living in another world
so far away LOL
So my son got on my computer via that other part of the world
so many miles away, and HELLO, I am far too old *well me and the computer*

GEEEEEEEEE.............I have like 1/2 rom of download speed GEEEEEE
now I know why I am so ANCIENT and slow LOL

I have got to fix this issue if I intend to continue to do my business!!!!
So Santa is coming to me early this year
Yes by the middle of November I will be buzzing instead of sitting here
GROWLING, Moaning and Groaning everyday
Which will be such a big relief on me

sorry I am rambling on here
just wanted everyone to know that I have been MIA
and will be again for a couple of days


  1. Hi Brenda,
    I just had computer problems and Was without mine for a week and I realized just how much I rely on it! I could give up my tv, but not the computer. Have a great day.

  2. Gotta love the technology that makes all this blogging and business possible! Hang in there!

  3. We bought my netbook at Wally world for what it was going to cost someone to work on our old one. What a difference it makes! I hope you can get a new one would be amazed at how much faster and better they work! Sweet hugs!

  4. I so understand Friend.
    My computer is so flukey.
    Took me two hours to post the other day and sometimes I can't comment.
    Blogger bugs too.
    Oh well.
    Glad your back.

  5. Oh what fun you are going to have with super duper puter speed! We all tease my youngest sister...she is ten years younger than me BUT is the least techo savy of all of his. We joke that her computer still goes...brrggrrrrbrrrbrrrbeepbeepbeep when you turn it on! In case you didn't know that was the old dial up connection! So the other day we were scrapping at her house...I went upstairs to turn it OMG it DOES make that noise...for REAL! Needless to say I did NOT have the patience to sit and wait for I hand wrote my journaling!!! Katie

  6. Had the same problem with the home computer, so I bought a tablet...but now I do not know how to add pics to my blog on the tablet, so I have to use the store savvy I am not. Good luck with yours! Take care, Janice

  7. You will be thrilled when you get a new computer. I just hate when mine drags along trying to download blogs. Good luck.

  8. I feel your pain. Me and computers just don't get along.
    Many wishes to you!
    Prim Blessings

  9. Aha! That's great. You'll be doing the happy dance for sure.

  10. YEA for you...I think.... Yea - my computer is on the old side....and I should clean it up one of these days, but it's been good to me....and so far, no major problems I haven't been able to handle. (Well, other than a printer interface issue...and that I know already is going to be a nightmare and a half....oh...and the sleep mode thing that shuts me down and freezes everything....and....and...well, let's just say that I'm not half bad at "work-arounds." ;o) Good luck to you! Robin


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