Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rainy Saturday Morning

Good Morning, I love a light rain!
And yes Cooler mornings

This post will be a short one, I hope to get back to a normal blogging
routine this next week

The Big Blog giveaway
I currently have 13 prizes that is right 13 are donating to this giveaway
That number may change before the day is over
If you would like to donate a prize you still have time to sign up
I need a photo no later then Sunday Morning
Giving me time to get it all put together
Those donating will be able to sign up for the prizes as well
Because there will be a winner for each prize
As well as a BIG surprise that I have not even shared with those participating as of yet!

The Giveaway will begin on October the 1st so mark your calendars

A tease of my prize *as you see I am running behind in getting it finished~Sigh*

See this gal

Well she is for sale Here
I am currently doing the dresses in a tiny tiny green stripped homespun
and they are so adorable

OH yes back to the giveaway I am doing one of these as a snowman
And it is turning out so sweet with a wool coat
There are some wonderful prizes being donated so be sure to watch for 
The giveaway!!!

Hope you all have a Great Weekend
I will be working


  1. that's such a sweet little pumpkin gal!

  2. Brenda, I love Mrs. Pumpkin.
    You really do great work.
    Could you send me some me of your talent PLEASE,LOL!!!
    I rained all day here yesterday and rain today on and off, yucky weekend. I am cooking a homemade sauce right now. It is that time of year for comfort food YUMMY!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Big Hugs,

  3. Thanks for putting this giveaway together for all of us! I'm proud one of my items will be included in the donations!

  4. It will be lots of fun! Enjoy your weekend, my friend! Sweet hugs!

  5. Such a sweet pumpkin head doll!
    I wish I wasn't running so far behind ~ I'm just hearing about your giveaway! Can you send me an email about the details? I have to leave for a wedding right now ~ but would love to be included on the donation!
    Prim Blessings

  6. Well, it jumped from 13 to 24 pretty dang quick....this is gonna be all kinds of good! ;o) Robin


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