Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Snowman is done and he could be yours!!

Let me just say the donation photos are coming in and this is going 
to be a wonderful giveaway with many winners!!!

This is my snowman I will be giving away

Oh he is so much better in person
Am I the only one that gets excited to finally get something new created
That I get in a huge hurry when taking pictures LOL

By the way I have one listed Here in my Etsy shop

Be sure to visit on Monday and get signed up for this giveaway
My September giveaway will end on Sunday evening

Back to work I go
a Nice rainy day all day ~ oh I love days like this
And I had a visit from my youngest son today
it had been a few months, the longest I have ever gone without seeing him
so This Mama is Happy Today
the visit was a short one, he had to deliver some materials about 
25 miles west of us for work 
it was a SWEET day!!


  1. He is a cute one and yes, I love making something new and showing it off;) I need to see if I still have my tiles, I did have a nice scrabble board, but not sure if I trashed it yet.


  2. He is wonderful Brenda, glad you got to see your son. Rainy days are great for creating! ~*~Lisa

  3. Brenda, like I said you are a crafting machine, you just keep going and going. I know I have said that before.

    I LOVE your Mr.Snowman that you created.
    I am always saying your work is beautiful and everyone sees the LOVE you put into your creations.

    Happy Crafting,

  4. Hello Brenda, oh he is one handsome fellow, love him. Blessings Francine.

  5. Love your snow man. I am like you, there is nothing like being with family.

  6. LOVE the Snowman, Bren! So glad you got to see that good-lookin youngster of yours! I understand the happiness that comes from their visits.....I'm sure every mother does!

  7. Oh Brenda, that snowman is so adorable...I love him! Glad you had such a good day and got to see your son. Hugs,

  8. He is one handsome fella! I love your snowmen. Yes, I know that feeling of finally getting an item finished.


  9. Love, love this snowman, prim perfect as always!!! hugs, Lecia

  10. brenda,
    You're killing me! LOL! Love him...I haven't even started on Christmas need to get my act together... OLM

  11. Love your snowman! I collect them. Some rainy days I like being on the couch curled up with Brandy, especially if it's cold out!

  12. Awwww....sweet snow fella Missy Brenda. Glad you got some time in with your son...gee, a short visit? That's kinda like me and my son - 'cept he LIVES here!! ??? ;o) I so need a rainy day....I love the sun, but wowsers, it's been a long stretch of it. I need gloomy days to recharge my batteries. Happy new week! (Yeah, I'm playing catch-up again...) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. I love snowmen. and I envy your talent for making such wonderful primitive things. Entering you fantastic giveaway. Thanks and I am a follower


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