Friday, August 3, 2012

Visions of Snowdrifts, bring on the ICE

 WHAT??? has she gone stark raving mad??

I am blaming it on That Old Cranky Crow ~Robin~ *read her post!*

So I am dreaming of a White Christmas yes in The Dog *DARN* hot days of August

* picture taken two or three?  years ago at our home*
Now AWE............doesn't that cool you off? 
On the internet it is showing 109 degrees here today!!
it has reached as hot as a 115 in some parts of Oklahoma this week

*picture taken the same year down at the lake*
yes those are ducks in the water
*now there is a thought I could go fill the bathtub with ICE water*
And take a quick plunge LOL
in Oklahoma we do not get Huge beautiful snowfalls like 
some of you are Accustomed to, we get small snowfalls but 
we do get ICE however!! And as much as I 
detest the thought of cold frigid temps or Ice
I am still trying to dream so that it will be easier to handle this unbearable heat

I did pull out some new snowmen patterns so I could fill like it was cooler
Heck I have been making santas and snowmen for a month now
for orders!!! NOPE it is not helping any.

*I suppose I could turn down the air and get it about 40 degrees in here*
 and drink some Hot chocolate and pretend
NAY!!!! I would screech at my Electric bill when it comes in
*come to think about it I may do that anyways!*

Or I could put up my Tree

And when hubby comes in from work he would more then 
likely think I have really made my final trip over the EDGE
that kind of trip that you just never seem to come back from LOL

I actually need to find me a spot to set up my small tree to 
use for photo's of my new Christmas Ornaments this year

You have to picture this
In shorts and Flip Flops a lady left her home at 7:15 Am
on August the 3rd, it was in the 90's at 7:15 calm no wind
and that kind of give me a BIG FAN 
so I can hang it around my neck kind of morning 
She left to go to one *ONE* garage sale down the road
What was on her list to look for???
Please do not laugh too hard at me 
*because the women at the garage sale surely did*
I was looking for cable sweaters to make pumpkins out of????
~~~ I suppose if I would of explained when I ask if they had any sweaters~~~
I would not of gotten such strange looks from EVERYONE!!
*yes there was a herd there shopping I guess they are starving for garage sales too?*
GEE......I was thinking where did all these folks come from
Then I was thinking oh that's okay, none of them will be looking for what I want!!
Yes I purchased two Sweaters and three pair of brand new 
Old Navy Flip Flops
When I saw the table of new flip flops I pushed them out of my way!! 
I was going to make sure I got in on that deal 25 cents a pair tags still on them!!
There is another sale tomorrow down the road, here I am yet again not being able to find
Hardly any garage sales this year?? I suppose because of the heat, this is two years in a roll!!
And I want them close to home
 if I would only venture out a distance I am sure I would find me some, 
but I seem to get away for about 30 minutes and 
am wanting to get back home again
I am going into garage sale withdrawals here!!

And yes this story has now become a rambling adventure going Nowhere!
And getting off track so I am taking my mind back to

And dang now I gotta go stand over a Hot stove and cook dinner

Have a Wonderful weekend


  1. Ha!!! You are HOOT my dear friend!! But, I'll gladly take the blame if I can cool you down even in your dreams.... I thought of posting a photo or two of our last snow storm (not so many months ago), but just couldn't do it....I know it'll be here sooner than I'm ready for it. Glad you scored some sweaters (ummm, yeah), and flip flops....If you really need a break, put the sweater and the flip flops on together, and you'll be guaranteed a "vacation." ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Hello Brenda, great post, helped cool me down. Love the Christmas tree, so pretty.Enjoy your vacation,flipflops and sweaters,ha. Blessings Francine.

  3. Oh my! Sweaters and flip flops! It's hard to think of winter in the midst of a hot summer. But I know need to sew as much as you can now! I hope you have good luck tomorrow. Warm hugs!

  4. LOL..oh my..I should totally put up my tree!!!

  5. I read The Cranky Crows post gals sure are putting me in the snow mode here..I may have to stop making pumpkins and sew up Snowmen. Take care, Janice

  6. You are such a hoot! How funny. I don't mind the warm weather, but I do have to say, over 98.6 we really are cooking. Autumn - now there's a beautiful season. Iced tea was a great invention. Not quite ready for snow - maybe soak your feet in ice water:) It makes me cold looking at it.
    Keep cool & many smiles,
    Feel free to take a peek at my blog if you like.

  7. Brenda,
    Hey guess what? Sunday the high here is suppose to only be 79! That is going to feel wonderful. I too am so tired of the heat and humidity, I am in Minnesota it isn't suppose to be this hot here! Anyway have a great weekend, stay cool and as always,
    Be blessed!

  8. A wonderful post Brenda, I really feel for you. How I hate heat as hot as that. It zaps every inch of strength out of you.
    I hope it cools soon.

  9. You made me laugh out loud this morning Brenda. Love the winter photos. So wish it were cooler here too. Can't wait to see your sweater pumpkins. Have a great weekend.

  10. Would love to go yard saling with you!!! I think the heat is making us all a little crazy:) Flip flops were the greatest invention. I wear them all summer long. So happy you got some for a quarter each pair. Even if you did have to push a few people down. Ha ha. Thanks for the good laugh and cool thoughts. Also thanks for the kind mention and link to my blog.

  11. I am right there with you! We don't get much snow here in the south either, but I too am ready for winter! So ready to put up my tree too! improvise, I put up my new twig tree and decorated for back to school. It will do till the real one goes up! :)

  12. I feel so bad for you. My sister lives in OKC. She was telling me about the heat. We have had heat indexes of 104. My sister told my mom that the temperature was 114 degrees. My mom asked if that was the heat index. My sister laughed, "No! That's the real temperature!!!" Keep thinking cool!

  13. Oh yessss, I am so ready for cooler temps. Maybe not full on winter, but definitely cooler!


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